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MY MOTHER IS TRYING TO STOP ME BREASTFEEDING! I've been bf for 10 months now. In the begining she didnt say much because everything was new and my decision obviously. But when six months was rolling around she said "well he'll be getting teeth soon and you dont want bites now do u?" So for weeks before he turned six months I cried in bed thinking oh god I've got to stop and I dnt want to yet. But that went by and now he's 10 months she asked me what am I planning on doin with the bf. I said I plan to stop around his 1st birthday, but its not written in stone! She said "yeah that would be best, after a bit it just gets weird" :roll: My mother has never bf. She has 3 kids including me. I've never listened to my mother, I was an awkward child (for her lol) I think I've done well so far through motherhood taking my own advice and now logging on here:lol: Thank you for reading. Had to get it off my chest.. no pun intended!image Got me thinking.... for my next post. xxxx


  • Mothers! Complete breed on their own. (only kidding LOL).

    Seems alot of probs for lots of BE moms from their moms at the mo.

    Makes me think.....

    What will we be like when our kids have kids of their own??? We all say that we will be different to our mothers...but will we?

    Hope I dont turn into an annoying, overbearing know it all like the mothers and MILs you hear about on here.

    Tell mom, and 2 MILs off on a regular basis for doing things with my LO I dont agree with.

    On a more serious note...

    I think that you are doing well. You have used your common sence to make a decision that is working for you.. and you have stuck with it despite Mother sticking her oar in. Good for you.
  • That's sooo wrong. 10 months is nothing, some people bf for 3 years and is not necessarily 'weird' just their choice and their child's.

    Stop when you and your baby are ready. If she gives you hassle then say "Well, maybe I'll wean him off before he starts uni" or something like that or just say you are not discussing this with her so you'll just agree to disagree from now on? would that work?
  • LOL tiger lilly. bfing till at uni. reminds me of little britan. LOL.

    You could just really annoy her and openly feed in front of her next time she moans. Silent way of saying - if you dont like it go away.
  • I guess that when our parents were bringing us up there were completely different guidelines and advice and they often struggle to see why we do certain things. And if your mum didn't bf then she hasn't experienced all the positives at first hand.

    You are doing a great job though, don't let her affect your decisions because you know what's best for you and your lo. I am also planning to bf till a year at least, the WHO even recommends that you contnue to 2 years!
  • Thank you all for replying, had a laugh at some! You're all so supportive, its great! Been looking around baby groups today, no luck though, none of them were multicultural! I'll keep searching...
  • Me and my mum were having this conversation earlier as she came with me to my bf group this morning. She stopped at 6mnths with me and my sister as we got teeth, I aim to get to 6mnths and review the situation if I'm happy then I'm going to continue to 1yr. At the moment I feel feeding for 12 mnths is plenty enough and I would like to have my body back for a while (after being pregnant, labour/birth and breastfeeding) before having our 2nd. This may all change when I reach this point and who knows she may wean herself at 10mnths!!

    Ignore your mum its your baby and your decision :\)
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