FAO Tiger Lily

Hi Tiger lily just wandered how Gabe is today?

Erin is still full of cold although did drink 7 oz this morning i guess the hunger out wore the pain in the end!! I'm in a dilemma whether to go to work this afternoon, i really don't want to leave her but keep having days off recently which my manager understands but i don't wanna take the piss.

My mil will look after her just fine but she seems to only settle with me when she's not feeling well, plus our 1 1/2 half year old niece will be there to and she is currently cold free so might be mean on her, I know oh will just say go to work.

What would you do?? (or what would anyone do?)

P.s. i have noticed her nappies are dryer than usual obviously due to reduced intake but its worrying me, still having dirty nappies which are soft (sorry tmi).


  • Hi honey, sorry to hear Erin is still poorly.

    Gabe is too - he's more his usual self but his cough is awful & he's wheezing. Doctor said to take him back tomorrow for antibiotics if his chest still sounds bad, so I will do that I think.

    He drank 6oz this morning and ate breakfast OK but it seems that towards the end of the day he starts refusing both milk and food, he did that yesterday, only ate a yogurt for tea & refused his bedtime bottle. He eats in the morning because he's starving but as the day goes on he won't drink/eat.

    I'm not sure what I would do about work...probably call in. I'm sure your manager won't mind, & I don't think you'd be taking the piss at all.

    Re the nappies, Gabe's are really much drier than usual too, it's worrying isn't it?? There is still wee in them but they aren't 'heavy' at all if that makes sense! x
  • Hi again, so after i came off here, Erin crawled across the room and it was like she had run a marathon she just could not catch her breath at all it was really scary so i took her to the GP, and by the time we got there her breathing was fine her nose was the clearest its been in days and she thought the doctor and his stethoscope was really funny, the doc looked at me like a was a crazy neurotic mum (maybe i am!!). anyway this made my mind up that i don't want to go to work plus mil smokes not around erin but i still worry she get some passive smoking. But of all people my mum made me feel guilty saying you can't go off everytime she has a cold! which made me feel worse. never mind i'm doing what i think is right and when Paul gets home i'll ring the ward and if they are manic i'll go in and help out. Sorry listen to me justifying myself!!

    Her nappies are exactly the same a of bit wiffy urine smell too obviously where its more concentrated than normal.

    Hope Gabe continues to improve, the evening is always worse when you get ill, poor little things they don't understand what is going on xxx
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