On a tangent from the 3 things you want to teach your lo, do you have a family set of core values, and if so what are they? If you don't mind sharing image

When I married my dh we sat down and spent the larger part of a year trying to work out our values so that we could try to respect each others individual ways of doing things knowing we were both on the same road so to speak.

We came up with

Wisdom (the whole process of learning)

We figured most things to could be boiled down into these sort of categories, and I hope that I might be able to teach my children these.


  • the most important value for us to teach erin would have to be respect every individual for who they are and try not to judge. my oh family can be very prejudice against people and judge so its important to me and paul to make sure erin knows this is not right. i'm so scared there ' ways' will rub off on to her so i need to make sure she has a good concept of respecting everyone as individuals so that she knows right from wrong, if that makes sense. i'm so tired but can't sleep cos erin's poorly image
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