Dropping Bottles?

The boys are 6 months old in 2 weeks time (24 + 1 today) and we have been weaning for 3 weeks. They now have 3 meals a day of pureed veg or fruit mixed with baby rice made with their milk (theyre cows milk allergic so I make all my own food) They love their food.

However, they were having 7 bottles of 5oz a day. They dont like their milk much, mainly due to how poorly it made them before, so rarely finish a bottle and I could never up the amount as they would just leave it.

I have dropped the 3am bottle for them as they didnt want it and were waking out of habit. They still wake at the moment (only been 3 nights) but easily go back to sleep. They now have bottles at 6am, 9.30am, 1pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm and 11pm and food at 7.30/8am, 11.30/12pm and 3.30/4pm.

The last couple of days they have not wanted all these bottles and have shifted them so they completely drop one of them. I am worried they are dropping too much milk, especially as they dont drink all of the bottles they do have. Yesterday they had 18/19oz of milk, which is a big drop from 25/35oz. I do mix 2-3oz of milk into their solid food, which they share so 1-1.5oz each.

Should I be worried? I cant get any more milk into them and they are nearly 6 months but ive been told they shouldnt be dropping milk yet??


  • Hi Gemmie, is 6 months their corrected age?? HV told me last week H is 24 +3 today that once on 3 meals a day bottles should drop to between 20 - 25 oz she advised me tospace out the day feeds more and drop the 11 o'clock feed when i thought he was ready . I have always counted the oz's of milk in the food in the overall Oz count. Not really sure i can advise you as with the boys being early not sure if there is any rules abt sustaining milk intake for longer? Are they taking water with their meals?
    sorry havent been much help xx
  • No, corrected age is 4 weeks behind. So, 20 + 1 today. However, as theyre only 4 weeks early, and had they have been born 5 days later they wouldnt have been classed as prem, I tend to go by them and they wanted food and really love it. Im still trying to feed them the bottles they should have but im fighting a losing battle as they just refuse them. We have started giving them water and so far so good.

    Im not sure about milk intake for longer as I was told that with them being early, they would need to start food earlier as they didnt have the time in the womb to build up their iron supplies and need food to do this. So the dietician said. They have never liked milk so im struggling to get 20oz into them - although I havent counted the milk in their food in this.
  • Beth also doesn't like milk and I struggle to get 20oz per day in her. I spoke to HV about this last week and she said once on 3 meals per day they need about 20oz of milk per day. But they only worry if they DRINK less than 10oz per day - the rest can come from food (so yoghurts, milk on cereal, cheese sauces, rice pudding etc) it's fine. she said to just let her be the guide and if she wants to go down to just 2 milk feeds per day that's no problem.

  • Hi Gemmie

    There so much info out there thats it very confusing, can I just say that I think your doing a great job to overcome all your 2 little boys problems, as for the milk I wouldn't worry to much as I was told to include the milk you mix in with food in there daily intake, as long as they are putting on weight and are happy I wouldn't worry.

    Hope this helps a little
    Christine xx
  • Baby B - Thats my main concern as everyone says 'Oh, thats ok, just give them yoghurt/custard etc to get the milk into them' but I cant as theyre allergic to cows milk! I wouldnt be so worried if I could do that. Think im just going to go with them. Hubby thinks im over reacting anyway as they are obviously healthy and are drinking full bottles less often rather than part bottles more often so probably arent drinking any less!

    Thanx ladies xxx
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