Odd question-really tmi!

When you eat fish Eg scampi can the smell of it come out in your wee?
I know this is probably way tmi but i had scampi last night at about 8pm and today things "down there" arnt to fresh if you know what i mean. I seem to remember things smelling a bit "off" the last time i had fish. Anyone know anyhting about this? Again sorry for the way tmi and i really cant believe im confessing to having this little "problem" but the curiosity is driving me mad * waves and blushes bright red* imageops: xxx


  • Lol! I wouldn't have thought so, but who knows? Sounds fishy! (OK that was TERRIBLE sorry) x
  • i would say so actually! lol when i have coffee it smells funny pmsl! seriously though, when my lo has something different to eat his nappies smell different!!


  • PMSL, thought it was just me that'd noticed that! Asparagus def makes your wee smell so don't see why fish couldn't lol!!!!!!!!
  • I was really embarrassed at work and just praying no one else could smell it! think ill avoid the scampi from now on! i even use femme fresh intimate wash so was really suprised buy the odour! xxx
  • have you never heard of Sugar Puff Wee, - your wee always smells when you eat sugar puffs so i def think fish could affect it!!!
  • It could do. If you eat loads of beetroot it goes red. The same applies if you eat loads of rainbow crystals - we tested that theory at school lol.
  • I know asparagus makes your wee smell awful. Never heard of anything else but I'm sure some things can affect you. What goes in comes out....! I can always tell when oh has had a curry as he smells like one. His armpits stink like a vindaloo - lol!!
    Remember not to serve scampi/asparagus/sugar puffs/beetroot/rainbow crystals/coffee at Harri's party!!!!!!
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