anyone know about the contraceptive implant, with pic now!

Hi I just want to ask if any of you have the implant in your arm and how it has made you feel or if you know anyone that has fallen pregnant on it?

Basically I have had it in for 6 months and still had regular periods just very very light. This month I havnt had one and for the past 2-3 months felt pregnant morning sickness dizzyness and now feel flutterings? I have however in last 2 days tested and got bfn? My belly is rounded and just feel weird but to be honest i think i am imagining it for some reason even though everyone says my belly looks like it did when i was first pregnant with george.

Reading up on it i have heard that it can either make you feel pregnant or if you test produce incorrect negatives.

I know the replies are going to be go to the doctor but to be honest i am scared that they will laughat me!!

I am absolutely bricking it though to be honest!! xx

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  • never personally used it but know a lot of people that have, and know a few that have gotten pregnant with it in. i could almost guarantee if i ever did get it in i would get pregnant with it in, as nothing seems to work with me lol x
  • Hun I have had a coule of friends who have been on this and I know it can really fuck with your periods. I had one mate who had it taken out coz she didnt stop bleeding for 9 months and became so anemic!! They put her on the pill aswell just to stop the bleeding b4 they eventually took it out! My other friend has had hers for 2 years and has very light periods or none at all sometimes. It did make her put on weight tho which might explain rounded belly? I know I still look pregnant too and Im on the pill. I keep thinking its failed and Im pregnant all the time, Ive felt sick since b4 xmas! Its not rite but I think its all in my head! I even get the flutters too! What are our bodies trying to do to us????!!!! If your not happy on it hun, you can always get them to take it out. If you really think you are pregnant you could try putting a doppler on your tummy? I think I remember you having one with George? If I had one thats what Id prob do x x x
  • Thankyou for your replies wow see everywhere i have looked it says how there isnt many stories of people getting pregnant so thought would ask on here as i know you lot.

    I am hoping it is more of a case of the implant making me feel like this but after 3 little ones you sort of know what being pregnant feels like and having negative tests is a good sign but my main fear is that hcg levels are not always picked up after around 12 weeks so worries me about the flutters that i could be a while on?

    Definately going to get a doctors appointment and hopefully they wont fob me off but i am so having this thing out wether they like it of not!! x
  • sarah great minds about the doppler but i sold it after having him as i thought i would never use it again i have a neighbour whose sister is a midwive and i went to school with her i might be cheeky and get her to check me out. xxx
  • Oh hun what a shame you sold it! Yeah go and see your neighbour and see if she can have a listen. If it carrys on making you feel shit def go to docs hun, I hope you get it sorted out. If you are preggo by god you and Chaz are bloody fertile! lol!!!! How would you feel if you were? x x x
  • If i were hun i woudl be devestated and really wouldnt know what to do, I am finding it hard work as it is with the 3 and with george being the way he is. Its easy for chaz his reaction has been better start thinking of names!! I think it would be so selfish of me to have another but couldnt go through the dreaded other option!!

    Least people cannot say we were irresponsible though cos we wasnt to know with this thing!!

    Chaz already thinks he is super sperm was on the pill with mad and bells was straight after a miscarriage!! x
  • I know what you mean hun, I would feel the same but I just dunno if I could go down the other route either I would never be able to forgive myself. I hope for your sake it is just hormones hun, I think some of mine is in my head too! I also worry about the super sperm!!! I think men just think its funny dont they? x
  • Jst thought I would add a pic of my belly i know its hard to tell as you dont really know me but I usually have a flat belly and now look?? xxx

  • not being funny hunn, but its dificult to tell with your top on, any chance of one with your top pulled up (obv just ur belly nothing else lol) i probably sound like a right pervert! lol
  • You perv lol!!! Only messing i will try and get one xxx
  • Best one i could get whilst hiding away lol!! xx

  • oh no now im really freaked out to!!!
    i had this put in last may after having my 4th baby last march, i didnt bleed for months but then i had a period that lasted for about 4 weeks, they stopped that will some kind of hormone tablet and then i had my next period about 4 weeks later which was just normal.
    sorry i seem to be rambling!!
    anyway as it stands now ive not had a period for the last couple of months and every morning i wake up feeling sick and feel flutters in my belly all the time. i do pregnancy tests all the time as im sooooooo paranoid and all are negative of course!! so i think i must be imagining it all.
    so i would be really interested to hear what the doctor says to you!
    i couldnt possibly be pregnant could i???.......................
  • I really dont want to be pregnant but i have decided I am going to have it taken out because all these feelings isnt very nice. You dont mind having them when you are pregnant cos your having a baby! But when its just strange hormones yuck!!

    Gemzy they do say everyone reacts differently on them though so hopefully you will be fine i was fine up until last 6 weeks and i have had it in since august. xx
  • ahhhhh thanks katie lol!!! Least I know i am not imagining that!!!

    By the sounds of it though the hormones in these things are tripping us women out. I am going to go doctors hopefully monday or tuesday to get them to check me and to maybe have the thing out! x
  • right definately to the doctors next week just hope they dont laugh at me for being a loony imagining things!! x
  • Ummm i would go docs hun, its does look like a bump as it starts from the sides and quite far down. let us know what the outcome is hunni, take care xxx
  • Owwwwwww babe, Ive just seen this post again! I thought I looked pregnant but that really does look like a bump hun, its not 'fat' at all! How strange!!! You are def not imagining it! Hope you get some answers at the docs hun, good luck x x x x
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