need help baby with the flu!!

Hi my baby is four m I just give him the flu and his nose is blocked and he can't sleep can anyone tell me what I can do to help him sleep. Thanks


  • Awe hun it is hard when they are ill and so small. Four months is quite small to do much, here's what I would try. Put a bowl of water on the radiator in his room or take him in the shower room while you run the shower really hot so the steam can help loosen his congestion. You can use olbas oil on a tissue and or a drop and place it near his cot (I put the tissue under the cot matress cover for mine.) You will have to check the label just to be sure but snuffle babies is like a vics for los and it is really good. I know this sounds strange but my mum always swears you need to rub it on the soles of their feet. I have always done so and it does help, and you can rub it on their chest and backs. I believe at four months he can have calpol or calprofen (if he is coughing calprofen would probably work better as it's an anti inflamatory which should ease swelling and irritation.) If he is having loose bowels keep a check on his fluids... just keep encouraging them at all cost, and he can have watered down rehydration sachets - dyoralite (I think they are called something like this - sp?)

    Best wishes hope you both feel better soon

  • fill a bowl with boiled watter and a few drops if olbas oil and put it in the room with him, it great at bed time mine all get a full nights sleep with it no mater how blocked up they are x
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