Cycle length?


Has anyone found the length of their cycle has changed since having their lo? I used to always be 28 days but now I seem to be averaging 25 days, although my shortest has been 22.

We are thinking of ttc number 2 in August/ Sept and want to try and time the birth for when my hubby is on school hols (he is a teacher!) so I have been trying to look ahead at my dates but I am wondering whether they will go back to 28 days or stay roughly as they are?

My lo is 5 months old so I have only had 3 periods since the birth.

Thank you! image x


  • hello liz - as ive said before........maddness!!! only joking, to be honest my friend has just her baby and i got all broody again!!!!!!! well i went straight back on pill so haven't got a clue although i would think they'd stay sort of the same if youve always been quite regualr before! soooo i'm intrigued are you going to have in your diary 'DO IT'!!! lol did you fall quickly before? it took us 6 months and by 4 i was totally stressed as wrongly thought it was gonn happen straight away! good luck with baby making.... hope it all falls at right time xxx
  • lol! I know you are probably right!

    We were really lucky and managed to fall pregnant the first month of trying with Brendan. Surprised me a lot actually I was convinced it would take us ages! Not sure I will be so lucky next time but we have a very short 'ideal' time to have the 2nd baby born which is why I am paying a but more attention this time!

    Our 'method' last time was basically to 'do it' (as you put it!!) every day from when my af stopped to a few days before it was next due!! Not particularly scientific but it worked! xx
  • lol!!!!!!!!!!!! well last couple of months of trying i got the ovulation kits - when i thought i should be 'doing it' was wrong by few days so you just pee on it like preg test and it says whether your ovulating within next 48 hours so you know to do it from then for few days.... mind you your way sounds cheaper and prob more fun..hehe! xx
  • Liz, I'm sorry to say my cycles have never totally went back to normal after having Amy & when we started ttc Zara it was a nightmare coz my cycles were soo long. Luckily I have a nice GP who prescribed me clomid to regulate the cycles & I got pg the 2nd month.

    Zaras 5 1/2 months now & I think I've had 4 periods now. They have been all over the place in length though. My last cycle lasted 30 days so I'm keeping my ingers crossed that they are starting to settle coz we are ttc our 3rd at the moment.

    Good luck

    Hilary x
  • Good luck ttc number 3 Hilary, and thanks for replying. Guess I am lucky that my cycles have gone shorter rather than longer, which isn't so bad. x
  • I would love to have a shorter cycle when ttc but I wouldnt mind it being longer if I wasnt!!! LOL When I spoke to my GP recently she said its perfectly normal for your cycles to be all over the place for a good 6 months after the birth.

    Good luck for no.2 when you start ttc xx
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