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hi hun how is she doing not talk for ages


  • Hi Carrie
    Well......she wont have her milk out of her bottle again but she will just about drink it out of her cup. Her 3rd tooth (top left one) cut thru 2 weeks ago and now I can see that the tooth to her left of that one is now about to cut thru. I thought the top right one would be next...?
    So she's a bit grumpy but is sleeping well at night. Straight out at 7.30 and waking at about 8am so at least it's not affecting her sleep which I'm happy about.
    Other than that she's doing well. Learning lots of new things and is getting much better at getting up on her knees (even stood by herself on Sunday for a few seconds)! So the good outweighs the bad so I'm happy!
    I saw your post about Faith cutting a tooth! Did I also read that she is poorly with tonsilitis? How is she now?
    thanks for asking about Charlotte, very kind of you xxx
  • i was thinking about how she doing she now. just say well done charlotte for standing up.
    they grow up so quick . Faith is getting there she starting take food and milk and a bit more happyer in her self. we had week end were cry pick and cred to be put down and all saturday she being sick it was all full she stop taken any food and stop brinking and was not weeing not good at all. But she better now she haveing wet nappies too so we are getting there
    big hug from
    carrie and faith
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