has anyone?

hi has anyone got or had the qinny buzz or zapp?

i'm getting board of lugging my graco quattro delux on the bus, and was thinking of getting the zapp or the buzz, but would like some advice on them.

are they good or bad?
light or heavy?
how easy are the to fold and unfold?
and are they comfy for the child?

thanks for any advice on them!



  • I have the Buzz and it's great!! Really nice and easy to push and relatively light too. The rear wheels are very wide apart which can be a problem in smaller shops. They are very easy to fold and unfold - the only negative part of this is that they are very bulky when they fold with the main pram chassis on, they fold flat, not umbrella fold. Poppy always looks really comfy in hers, I've just changed the seat fabric to the thinner one and it's even better for her now!
    The Zap doesn't recline at all so discounted it for that reason.
  • I have the zapp and i really do love it!!
    its really light and easy to push, folds and unfolds really easy and is also really small when folded!
    it fits in smaller shops, my son has been in his since 12months of age and doesn't really sleep alot when we take him out in it so the fact that it doesn't recline doesn't really matter but he has had a napp in it before and seem quite comfy.
    i wouldn't personally put a 6month old baby in it though because i dont think they would find sleeping up right very comfy!
    you can go to mothercare and they will show and tell you everything you want to know!!
    but i personally love the zappp as it does everything i need it to xxhope ive helped in some way x

  • I have the buzz and wouldn't buy it again!
    The pushchair has to come off to be folded down and it is very bulky, even in a ford focus.
    It is very wide and I am forever bumping into low shelves or corners with the wheels.
    There is NOWHERE to put shopping bags, even the shopping bag underneath will only hold something small and flat!
    That said, it has worked well with the maxi cosy car seat (it fits on the quinny chassis) as my daughter falls asleep in it as soon as she's in it and looks very comfortable! Now she is going into the pushchair though we have actually gone out and bought a cheap pushchair from mamas and papas for quick trips into town when I simply cannot be bothered to faff around with the quinny!
  • Hi,
    I just wanted to add-I have neither of these but recently had the same dilemma... and went for a petite star zia.

    Very similar to the Zapp but is able to be used from birth as it reclines.

    Lydia xx
  • thanks for your reply's!! don't think i will get the buzz or the zapp now.

    thanks tink!! i am now looking at the zia, is it small enough to get on a bus and into shops?
  • Mrs E - it will fold with the pushchair on - it needs to be in the most upright position then just fold as normal!! I didn't know this until someone on here told me! it has certainly made it easier although, like you, I have a cheaper buggy to keep in y car!!
  • Yes-I don't drive and so when I go into town I use the zia as it's my small buggy.
    I spent ages deciding, the buzz was too much for us to spend on a second buggy and the zia seat is a little ider than the zapp and lies back-and as Lillith is a big girl we decided it would last longer-I am so happy with it.
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