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hey, where i live we have a group called bumps and baby's. i went to get him weighed and no one was there. was just wondering how often the health visitor should be there if anyone knows.

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  • Our HV is at the surgery every monday for weigh in and advice, not that she gives out much advice mind you! x
  • I don't really know but we have a local clinic weekly that lasts for 2 hrs that we can go and get baby weighed. hv and an assistant is always there, the assistant weighs the babies and then if you want to speak to hv about any concerns then you just hang around till she is free.
  • Hi i dont know but didnt wa\nt to read and run. if ypou call your doctors surgery they should be able to tell you the answer.
    we only had a group that was run by the hv's but wasnt to get babies weighed, ity was for things like weaning/fire stafty ect x
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