How big is a portion?!

Just wondered with all the talk of giving your lo their big is a portion?! I always use bits of veg in Lily's food- today she had pasta with broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce, plus she had some peas and sweetcorn- but it was just a little of each one so how many portions is that?! I'm not going to obsess about it as she does have a healthy diet but just confused! Esp with fruit cos she won't eat a whole banana or apple.



  • I was told by my HV that trying to do 5 a day with babies is impossible and just making sure that what they have is balanced is better. She sounds like she has a good diet so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • is it not 5 of dif things that they say of 5 things of dif colour?

    so does that make it 4 then?

    hhmmm i'm always a blurr with this also lol
  • It's not just me that's confused then! Think I'll follow the balanced diet approach then, thank you.

  • I'm pretty sure a portion is a handful - so not much for Lily! But I agree if she's eating a balanced diet with some fruit 'n' veg she should be fine.
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