what do i do?

charlotte is 11 weeks old and she takes 6 oz milk every three hours,trouble is she starts crying and munching on her fists after only an hour and a half afterwards,refuses any more milk and its hard to keep her distracted till the next feed .does she need baby rice,i didnt want to do it this early but i cant stand to hear her cry so im giving her 4oz every 2 hours any ideas claire x


  • Government guildlines are 16/17 weeks at the earliest to wean, although I think babies are ready a couple of weeks before that. We tried Jack on some baby rice as he was doing the same as your LO at about 13 weeks, but he didnt really want it, so we're not going to wean him just yet. Does she have a dummy? Could you try 7ozs per feed instead? Is she on hungry baby milk? If shes not it might be worth putting her on that.

  • hi
    shes already on the hungry baby milk and she has a dummy but she just spits it out .im sooo confused.she is quite a sicky baby though so im wondering if that has anything to do with it x
  • How long do you wind her for after a feed? Does she always bring something up? Jacks a nightmare to wind, he must have gripe water about 4 times a week!

  • Hi hun, as Garfield says the minimum weaning age is 17 weeks, and that is classed as early. Have you spoken to your HV at all to see what they can recommend? Riley still feeds a lot now even being weaned. He does munch his hands when his gums hurt or when he has a tummy ache, could you try rubbing her gums or cycling her legs hun? xxx

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