when is it ok for them to sleep on their front?

Hi everyone

Maiya was 6 months yesterday image) she's had loads of teeth through and is quite grotty and grumpy. She seems to only get comfy at the mo if she's put down on her tummy for a nap?? at this age is it still risky?? she can roll front to back/back to front and lifts her head up very well when on her tummy - for up to 10 mins at a time.

what do you think??




  • It's fine as soon as they can roll themselves over!xxx
  • Yeah as soon as they can roll you cant really stop them from sleeping on their tummy however advice is still to put them down on their backs for a nap. Just make sure they are still have their feet at bottom of cot


  • I think it's fine, the risks drop considerably after 6 months. And once she can roll it's not so much of an issue. I think that anything that helps Maiya to nap is probably a good thing, just keep an eye on her!
  • *hangs head in shame* all of mine have slept on their tummies (from birth, from 6wks and from 2wks) they wouldn't settle for more than an hour ever on their backs but would go 3-4 hours on their tummies at night so sleep deprivation made me do it !!!!!
  • thanks ladies. she seems to be in a better mood today having had a nice nap on her tummy image)

    fingers crossed for tonight!!

  • i believe that once they can roll over on their own they can sleep on their front. xxx
  • Nathan has slept on his tummy from about 12 weeks, He would roll himself over (couldnt roll back then) but it didnt matter how many times I rolled him back, within 5 mins he'd be on his tummy again. In the end I just relented and left him to it. he still sleeps on his belly now but havent worried about it since he could roll himself back again.

  • once they can roll over, as then there is little you can do to stop them x
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