Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any reviews on waterbabies, I'm so tempted to book LO onto this course as I love swimming and have since I was a baby!

Did any of you join waterbabies? Did you and your LO like it? Is it worth the money?



  • I'll be watching this thread becky, I really want to take ds but at ??11ish a lesson I don't think we can justify it!
  • hey,

    just wanted to say i posted about this a while back and waterbabies seemed to get the thumbs up on my thread..


    we put our names down to go to the classes starting in november (some waiting lists are quite big so best to enquire now) we couldnt go to the ones in august as dd was only 10 weeks and the 2 venues near me dont have the hydro pool which they need to go into under 12 weeks...

    i cant wait to start they sent me a dvd which looked cool...

  • Do it, do it, do it, do it.

    My son started when he was 6 weeks old and we start our second term on Monday.
    He really really loves it and is so happy and confident in the water. Washing his hair is no problem and big kids splashing him in our local pool doesnt bother him at all.
    Water babies teach you water safety (such as to hold on to the side) and gives you tonns of ideas to take to your local pool yourselves.

    The confidance that it has given him and me is incredible. Everyone we have met has been so lovely and always have time to answer any questions you may have.

    We love it so much that hubby and I are looking at available franchise areas and are considering moving and starting a new career.

    It isn't cheap but in my opinion it is worth every penny and more. Without a doubt the best money we have spent.

    If you have any questions I will be happy to try and answer them for you.

  • We are just about to start our 2nd term of waterbabies on Sunday. DD loves it and it has made her so confident in the water! We took her swimming ourselves over the summer and she was the smallest in the pool but the most confident.

    The only thing is it is expensive and I know some people have managed to get lessons at local pools at lot cheaper x
  • Yes, yes and yes!!

    Definitely do it! It's fantastic and most defintiely worth the money in my opinion.

    We're on term 3 now and love it so much. It's sooo much fun but you also learn a lot of water safety too which is great.

    Love NN xx
  • I agree with what the others have said, it's absolutely fab. I know friends who go to other swimming lessons and love them too though, but I can only speak from my own experience. We have done three weeks so far and my baby loves it. I definitely want to try and keep it going when I go back to work. All that lifting baby in and out the water is great for toning your arms too!! I would definitely go for it!!
  • we are on term 2 and absolutely love it, i was a bit aprehensive as its quite expensive but worth every penny! its not just about teaching baby to swim but teaching important skills of water safety x
  • Do it, do it, do it!! It's brilliant for all the reasons everyone else has said.

    B x
  • I havent done waterbabies as there werent any classes local until recently but did our first lesson last week at a local school and for about 1/3 of the price of waterbabies. I cant contrast and compare but the lesson was really structured and all about getting LO being confident getting face and ears wet and getting dunked. He had a blast.
  • There weren't any Waterbabies classes near me but I got the DVD and follwoed that. Plus Abby went to another baby swim class. She has been swimming since 10 weeks and is now exceptionally confident in the water. She has been swimming on her own in arm bands since 13 months and we got some fantastic underwater photos done when she was 7 months.

    H x
  • From the other side of the coin ... I work for a community association & we've been trying to get our own baby swimming lessons off the ground for ages and it's finally took off. It took a LOT of advertising and we had to reduce the prices to get people to even enquire about it! (We started off at ??5 a session, but had to reduce it to ??3.50 - however it's got to be paid in advance, as with most swimming lessons). It started today (a group of 8 - inc me with my DS who's 2) and went, i think, really well, though it was hard to 'take my work hat off' and enjoy it as I was worrying if everyone else was enjoying it. The instructor we've got is excellent. Our pool does not really go above 30 degrees so we have a 6 month+ age on the class. My ds is 2 and is really confident in the water, he is independent with arm bands, he moans a bit if the water gets in his eyes but is generally OK at putting his face in. He's gone under a few times and is shocked but soon forgets it! I do think sometimes the younger the better, re. starting swim classes, as my ds is fiercely independent now, and today the babies were a lot calmer than the toddlers. But I don't think you necessarily have to do waterbabies - from what I have heard they are excellent, but they cost a lot, way too much for us to afford. We are in walsall if anyone interested lol xx
  • We do waterbabies and a council run course called aquatots which is half the price. They do similar things so if I had realised, I would only have done one but cos of the timing oh can take him to one and I take him to the other
  • I am on a waiting list for November! Our local pool doesn't do aquatots until 6 months and I want to take M before then. From what I've been told the one at our local pool is just splashing in the water whereas waterbabies teaches safety and underwater confidence. Plus our local waterbabies session is on Sundays which means itsnsomething hubby can do with her as well.
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