fell onto floor from sofa

Grace just did this. I have twins and unfortunately had turned away for a second to look at th other one who was screaming. I know I shouldn't have had her on the sofa, bad bad mother, only put her there for a second. She screamed for a while but is now happy & laughing as usual, no obvious scrapes. Should I go to the docs do yo think?


  • hi hun you not bad mum at all when buttibg a snowsuit on my ollie when he was a baby about 3months old. He was on table he rold out me hand fell of table on to a chair then on nto the floor. i think i was more up set then he was. i would see how sshe go on i think she will ok if your worried ring NHs direct
    big hug to you all
  • Oh heck you poor things! To be honest I'm not sure what I would do. Maybe call the hv? They could come and double check but she sounds like she's ok. Sorry am a fat lot of use-and you're not a bad mother don't be silly!! Or call NHS direct they could go through things to check ? Just ideas x
  • thanks all. I think I'll call the HV first - they could poss come round. She fell onto her head & is 9 months, so not tiny. but worth checking.
    She had her breakfast afterwards & has been rolling around laughing as usual, so I think she is ok but just to check..... will let you know and thanks.

  • i wouldnt worry babe it happens to us all.

    the day before justins first birthday i was bathing him and had my hands covered in soap and at the exact moment he decided to try and climb up the slanted end of the bath and he sliped i tried to grab him but as my hands were soapy he slipped right through them and smacked his face of the bath and ended up with a massive black eye
  • well called the HV - felt a right wally as I welled up on the phone. I probably sounded a hysterical mother. She said as long as Grace wasn't excessively sleepy or throwing up, or showing any tenderness in her limbs then she's ok. But to make an emergency appt at the docs if I am worried. However, Grace has now just woken up and is lying on the playmat banging her legs on the floor & squealing. She didn't lose conciousness (sp?) so I think she is probably fine. Gosh though - that gave me a start........... Glad to hear I'm not the only one! Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks Lara!
    Normally I can manage with twins fine, they're pretty good and now they're getting older they play with each other and let me get on with things. It's just we've had a nightmare few days - both poor things are full of cold, so are really upset. That's why Elizabeth was screaming & why I had Grace on the sofa (was trying to see up her nose to get bogies out!). I'm hoping things will calm down soon, they've had the cold for over a week now.

    Also hubby has cold as well. Sorry 'man-flu'......:roll: Although to be fair, he is quite poorly. What a sickly family!
  • It sounds like she is OK if she is back to playing. I wouldnt wory.

    My son is always on the sofa, he is 6 mths, luckily he cant be bothered with rolling LOL. He prefers to sit up and fall forwaeds on his face instead.

    On the first time i met with my HV (homevisit) she said that 'you are not a proper parent til baby has fallen off the sofa'. Not what a new first time mom wants to hear.

  • That's pretty much what my HV said as well! She told me that they actually had a baby fall off one of the examining tables in the surgery (which are pretty high) - which while quite alarming, did make me feel a bit better. (baby was ok btw). So it happens to the professionals as well then.......
  • My little one has unfortunately fell off the sofa twice. Im happy to say when oh has been watching her. She fell on her head and back onto wooden floor but after about 5 mins off crying she was fine. We didnt take her to get checked out as she was fine. Just watch them closely to make sure their alright, or if worried phone NHS direct.

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