Me and DH are currently livingin whay was a two bedroom and is now a 3 bedroom house. We can just fit a double bed up against the wall on two sides and against the radiator and a chest of drawers that we have the tvon in our room and then the wardrobe goes in and fills the second room and then LO has a nursery. We have a ok sized living room thats we also have a dining table in and a smallish kitcheb. We do have a patio but its all uneven and coming up (we rent) and a very steep garden that i cant walk down safely let alone put a child on. Its expensive where we live as we are close to town but where its quiet and got good views in the winter (not so much in the summer as the leave grow over the trees at the bottem of the garden) We are struggling with severe debtproblems and are currently working with a charity and are looking at bankkruptcy. We are the lowest band for bidding for council houses therefore are coming right at the bottem of the bidding.

They have built some new flats on the main a road through the peak district very busy goes to the best walking spots etc at the weekend and right near the new supermarket they built. There are 58 flats and all have an allocated parking space. They are two bedrooms.The kitchen in in the living room whih concerns me and although we are needing a house they arent much cheaper than where we are for rent (??50 amonth less) saying they are flats and the diference in location. You can still walk to town which is good as DH doesnt drive. Im not sure what to make of it all i feel if we dont bid we are jepodasing ourselves by not bidding iyswim?!

Ialso worry about the little things like her not having outdoor area and about her not aving stairs to walk up and down (sounds daft but im a nursery nurse and i worry about development particulary with LO wearing a brace at the mo anyway)

Shell x
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