Nurseries....What to ask?

Hi Ladies

Can't get my brain into gear, must be the heat. I'm going to view some nurseries this week and compling a list of questions, just interested in your suggestions of what to ask the staff when i'm there, so i don't forget anything!

Thx in advance image


  • I asked whether they do a fire drill and when
  • I asked if the staff were police checked and if they had cctv
  • Hi hun, a lovely lady from the ttc forum let me have a list which had a load of questions about what to look out for at nurseries as she was a manger for several at one time so I'm sure she won't mind me passing the list onto you.
    If you email me with your email address on the link below I will attach it for you. It was very helpful for me so am sure it will help you too.

    Louise xx
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