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We have brought a second hand stroller off ebay, its the mamas and papas ziko frankie. It just looks so uncomfortable, there is no support to the back of the seat just fabric over the frame? Is this normal for strollers?

What do you have? are you pleased with it, is it comfy?



  • Hi Steph - long time no speak - how are you??? Our move to Croydon never happened and won't now as hubby has a new job! (you may have forgotten me!!!)

    We have the Mamas and Papas Pulse buggy and the back is well padded. Whilst Tobes is still little, we have added a buggy liner to it for more comfort as he still uses it for naps a lot. But when he's older, he will just sit on the regular buggy seat.

    Could you take it into a M&P shop and compare it???

    Or ask them their thoughts? xxx
  • Hi Hun, yes of course i remember image feels like soooo long ago we were talking about your move.

    I havent seen the pulse one, im going to google it now image Good thinking il go down to one this weekend and compare, there must be something missing!! xx
  • I have the Ziko Frankie and I hate it! Without a liner there isn't anywhere near enough padding. The wheels creak and shake, and in the winter the handles are freezing. A bolt fell out of the frame so the buggy collapsed shut while lo was sitting inside! M&P were so unhelpful because the warrenty had just run out. I wouldn't buy this buggy again or recommend it.

    Cat xxx
  • Hi Steph

    We've got the cosatto yo and love it. It does have a lot less material than our big pushchair, but it still padded enough to allow Ollie to sit in comfort (well he doesnt complain!!). We got a free footmuff and liner with ours, but we took it out when we went away and he still seemed very comfy and it seemed sturdy.Its very roomy too and im hoping it will last a long time.

    Sorry your stroller isnt great. Have you tried JJ in any others?? Maybe go into mothercare or M&P and see how they compare?? Do M&P still stock the Ziko?? Might be worth seeing if there all like that or if you've been sold stroller with a liner missing or something?? xxx
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