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hi all,

i was just wondering if you could help me re the theory behind giving our little ones drinks in cups (as in what cup does what?) - so I can understand what cup Thomas should be using? He is 10 months old now, and he will drink water out of his TT Nuby cup, a TT sippy cup, and will drink from his doidy if we are helping him to hold it. He has his formula in bottles still, but if i give him a bit of cow's milk i give it to him in his TT sippy or his doidy. Sometimes if he is being fussy with his bottle I pour the formula into his doidy and he has it in there.

He loves his Nuby and we do to, as it's less mess than the others and we can leave him to it at meal times. However, the teat on one of them has split so I need to go out and buy another cup and I'm wondering what I should get - another Nuby (he still has one but i use 2 a day) or should i try him with another cup? What should we be aiming towards? Is there another type of cup he should use now he is 10m, or that he should be using soon??

I just remember my HV once saying to me to avoid certain types of cup but now I can't remember what she said and I don't want to have to chase her up.

I had a look in Sainsburys today but I had no idea what to get!

thank you xxx


  • Lol - cup paranoia! My hv never mentioned avoiding certain cups but I swear by the amadeus 360 cups. They're non-spill and look like proper cups and you can drink from all the way round. If your lo can manage a doidy cup he'd probably love that one, and some have handles on if he's more used to that.

    But really, whatever he's comfortable drinking from. Some aren't recommended because they keep drinks on the teeth surface which can lead to erosion but as long as you're brushing his teeth I wouldn't worry too much xx
  • The recommendation is that LOs get used to using a free flow cup as soon as possible.
    The TT first cup is free flow whereas the Nuby is Variflow (like the teats you can buy for the bottles).

    We loved the Nuby too and were using it for formula until recently. However, the girls had started to use the teat to chew on, meaning that the formula went everywhere so I have started giving them their 3pm milk in their TT first cup and they drink it much better. I've got the next stage up cup from the TT range and it's exactly the same as the First cup but is bigger and has no handles.

    The next stage up again all seem to have straw-type spouts so I think we'll be sticking with the ones we have for quite a while

    HTH x
  • thank you! this has helped. after reading these i went out and bought 3 different ones to try, including the amadeus 360 image
    silly me though, i took it apart without looking at it properly first and now i am not 100% sure i've got the valve thing in the right way round! xxx
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