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Do you change your LO's nappy when they wake up in the night?

If Brooke wakes during the night, I change her nappy each time, but sometimes I find it wakes her up too much (even though we don't put the light on), would I better leaving changing her nappy?




  • Hiya.
    I never changed Matthews in the night but he hardly wee's anyway. But when JOshua was little we changed him when he woke cos his nappies were always bulging. If its still soft just leave it. it wont do no harm! xxx
  • We don't normally change it, unless it feels like it reallly needs doing, or if she is being fussy. It seems to cause more disturbance being changed than having a slightly wet nappy. I guess it also depends on how sensitive their skin is, Beth has never had a problem with nappy rash- touch wood.
  • I agree with Poz about the skin thing- I use plenty of sudocrem at night and don't change and although Archie's nappy is quite full he's fine.
  • We do change him at night if he's weed - even if its not a lot cause he does like a clean nappy and hubby is very fussy and doesn't like to leave him in even a little bit wet nappy. He usually wakes for a feed and I give him a bottle lying in his cot while hubby changes him - that way he's all sorted and settled and usually bakc to sleep fairly quickly
  • I change it at 10.30 bottle but then unless its very heavy and she seems unsettled i dont change it at her 2am feed. Although she has a habit of doing a big poo at this feed!!!! Obviously then i do change her and it takes a while to settle her again.
  • i only changed evie through the night when she was very very little. i think i stopped about 2months. she always has nappy on from bed at 6.30pm - 7-8am when she wakes again and personally we've never had any leakage or nappy rash. I use pampers active fit nappies and lots of sudocreme before bed. X
  • JJ wears a pampers baby dry over night which keeps everything in, obv if he's had a poo i change him but if he's just wet i leave him and his bum is fine x
  • I use huggies superdry at night, and only change him if it's huge or he's had a poo! Dirty nappies just don't bother him, he would even lay in his poo all night! typical boy!
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