Unusual gift ideas for new mum

Hiya ladies,

My best friend is pregnant (Yey! image ) Anyway, when i had my lo she bought him loads and loads of presents and put them all in a baby bath. I thought this was a lovely idea, and want to do something similar for her but not a baby bath. Ive thought about making a nappy cake but was wondering if anyone had any good ideas?



  • how about packing her a hospital bag? or a nappy bag? A nice new bag with lots of travel size goodies. Obviously she will wnat to add her own things but you could put in a mix of baby things (a cute tiny outfit, tiny nappies etc) and parent things (im thinking toiletries, snacks for daddy and massive floral pants!!!)
  • G/C from pregnancy
    Not sure of your budget but i've just got a wicked weekend bag from accessorize for ??38 for my hospital bag. I think Ems101s idea of packing it for her is a fab idea but it all depends on how much you want to spend.

    I am not into johnsons products as I'm very much into natural/organic things - maybe something to consider if you do go down the baby products route. I'd be so grateful if one of my friends went to the trouble of putting together something like that but if it was full of products I wouldn't use, it would probably only go to waste.

    As she's your friend though you will know her well enough to know what kind of products will be best for her/baby.

    But really like the idea of a hospital bag type thing - you could fill it cheaply week-by-week with useful stuff for her like pads/big knickers/cheap slippers/flipflops/PJs/ breastpads etc....all of which you could buy for very little money from places like primark/asda/matalan etc image)

  • me too on the natural bath products, esapecially for baby! I was given a big batch of johnsons by a friend, all went on to someone else. I felt so guilty, but at leaast they werent wasted!!
  • haha same as me with the johnsons! got a cupboard full! Im waiting till my friend is a bit further on and ill ask her if she is planning on using them.

    I love the bag idea, when I was pg i waited till I was on maternity leave to buy and pack my back, I really looked forward to it and enjoyed doing it. i would have been a bit sad if someone else did it for me.
  • I think that it is a lovely idea, things that you wouldnt think to buy but you needs - like Lansinoh if she's going to BF, or arnica tablets, or tea tree oil etc.
    And on the Johnsons - my MW and hV told me they recommend not to use the stuff - we also have tons sat gathering dust from the Johnsons baby box.

    I also remember doing for someone a box of treats - things they cant have when pregnant like champagne, caffeinated coffee, cheese etc (and some yummy chocs because they're yummy!)
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