Exercise after a c-section

Hi girls, I need some advice please.

I had a c-section 10 weeks ago and I am desperate to get rid of my jelly belly. Its really bad and like an apron :evil:

I need advice and inspiration, all your tips and hints would be much appricaited. x

PS xx


  • Hi there,

    have you tried some pelvic floor exercises or sit ups?? they're probably the best to start with, but just watch you don't strain anything.

    I had a c-sec 2years 8months ago and even tho i'm thinner than I was before pg (size 10) I still have a bit of a jelly belly!! My scar is very neat but I do have a tiny bit of overhang on the scar but my mw said it was the neatest scar she's senn!!!

    I must say, 10weeks after my c-sec I didn't feel ready or ahve the energy to excercise and now working with a toddler I don't have the time or energy!!! lol!! so good on you if you do!!
  • hi hun, cutie is right I had two c sections and it took ages to heal and I would give it till you are six month post baby, don't do any situps, but you can try going to walks and then talk to to your mw, if you do to much to soon you could damage yourself more x
  • I was watching something recently that said even if you have given birth naturally you should not do sit-ups for at least a year because it can make the pelvic floor collapse. There are other exercises but avoid sit-ups
  • hello

    i started zumba classes at 15 weeks post section and its done wonders for my jelly belly!! my GP was happy for me to start exercise after 12 weeks as long as i was careful and didnt push myself too hard

    before i started the class the instructer asked me to check my abdominal muscles to see how split they were, if you lie down and put two fingers just above you belly button and press down you can feel if theres a gap between the muscles or not, she said if there was more than a finger gap to hold you stomach whilst doing excercises that involve them, this would apply to a normal birth too.

    edited to say i aslo have the davina pre and post pregnancy workout which is fab!

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  • Hi,

    I had a c-section 12 weeks ago and pinned my hopes on breastfeeding getting rid of the excess weight i was carrying and up to now have been stuck at my current weight - doesnt help i have a stash of penquins in the cupboard!

    I had a bit of a cry the other day to my husband and sobbed at how fat and ugly i felt (doesnt help there being pictures of our wedding day everywhere where i looked thin and really fresh)

    I've give myself a kick up the bum and have booked a haircut for Saturday and i'm running up and down the stairs 10times a day and try to get out with the pram for an hour for a power walk when babys settled. Tomorrow i'm going for a swim and hubby's having baby.

    I'm really trying to eat differently too, instead of junk and bread im having tinned fruit or jacket potatoes and beans.

    I'm not dieting nor am i following a strict excercise plan, i'm just making little changes to make me feel like 'me' again. Been at it for 3 days now and have lost 2lbs.


  • mmmm perhaps I should have a word with the hv's before I start anything serious.

    My stomach muscles are still pretty strong as I am constantly holding in my stomach. lol And I have already made changes to my diet.

    Since giving birth I have lost 3st and because it was so quick I hadve a very ugly apron effect around my stomach. I am pretty much back to my pregregnancy weight but I still cant wear my normal trousers because of my stomach. Piggypops is the Davina dvd very good?
  • yep its fab, i unfortunatly dont have a baby that gives me long enough to do it and cant do it when hubbys in as he laughs at me! thats why i go out and do a class in the evening. i thought it was really good that it focuses on the post pregnancy wobbly bits and tells you about dos and dont too x

    i think you can get it quite cheap off play.com, i know i was gutted that i paid ??19 in HMV and found it cheaper elsewhere!!
  • I would definitely check with your HV or GP as advice will probably vary according to how active you were before & during pregnancy.

    I have always been very active & with DS1 was told by GP that I could start exercising again at 6 weeks as long as I took it easy & stopped if I felt uncomfortable. I started going back to the gym & just started out slowly on cycle / treadmill & built up from there. Had 6 week check last week for DS2 (2nd c-sec) & was told I could carry on as normal.

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