why do some people....*thanx ladies*

.....feel they have the right to comment?

Some stupid cow in the shop just now said to me "oh my god how do you do it?" When I asked her what she replied "look after all them?!" and gazed towards my boys (who I might add were holding on - one either side of the buggy waiting and Tyler was quietly drinking his juice) she also added "you look shattered" Well.... if you saw my other post - I am, but thats not the point, or any of her damn business - i dont even know her!!

Now Im upset that I look like a Zombie and that people look down on me coz my boys are close in age. Why are people so nasty? :cry:


oh dear, I really was feeling sorry for myself yesterday wasnt I? :roll:

Thanx for your comments ladies. The boys cheered me up too. Tyler started saying assat (whats that) & pointing. Isaac kept singing to me yesterday & I got loads of cuddles from J coz he is poorly (the only time I get them from him these days) :roll:

Thanx again image xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • hun big hugs ur a fab mum n the best friend too, thank you for this morning hun xxx i would have said i may look a little tired but i have all the world in the world from my boy, so stick that up her stuck up arse lol
  • Are you sure she meant it in a nasty way? if i said that to someone i would mean it in a kind of admiration way - i really don't know how you do it! One little boy wipes me out!! The tiredness comment was a bit insensitive though, i'm sure she didn't mean to be nasty but when you are tired even someone looking at you funny can have you in tears (well it does me anyway!) Hugs xx
  • Just ignore them Elaine people are just rude without thinking, Your obviously a fab mummy xx
  • sorry ladies just read it all back & it really does sound like I am attention seeking! - Im not I am just very tired & emotional (hope Im not preggers! lol) thanx ladies, your're fab xxxxx
  • Just ignore them, i also get those comments about my 3 as the boys are close, i feel like telling them to f**k off but then i think they probs wouldnt understand anyway as there are so ignorant.

    Yes like Katie said what is your secret of getting out of the house before 12, we are all still in pj's, the house is a tip and i cant be bothered lol Having said that James is being a right little clinger as he had his mmr yesterday and is poorly bless him.
    vikki xx
  • our junie mummy is soooooo organised, breakfast, washed dressed b4 10. unless she is chatting to me lol
  • Tyler is usually up at stupid o'clock so he is breakkie washed and dressed by 7am usually. then the boys surface around 7.30 so they are breakie washed and dressed by 9ish. they have a bath at night so its just a face hands & winkle wash in the morning! lol. I have to get all 3 of them up and out for 8.30 on a school morning (Js in nursery) so Im used to it.

    thanx again ladies xx
  • JamDonut - you are prob right - think its coz she called my children 'them' that upset me. lol Iv had a cuppa now & Im all good. xxxxxx
  • our junie mummy is soooooo organised, breakfast, washed dressed b4 10. unless she is chatting to me lol

    :roll: :lol: always got time for you babe! xx
  • Lol, when you have more than one you have to be organised or you'd never leave the house :lol: TBH hun, I don't know how you do it, 2 is hard enough and I'm sure boys are harder work than girls (at least mine is), so it must just be because you are such a fab mummy.
  • I know dd is back at school on wed and i have to be dressed and sorted for 8.30 am and i will never do it having 7 weeks off lol and i start college on fri argh
    My 3 havent been getting up til 8 when on school time they are usually up at 7 think i will have to invest in an alarm clock lol
    vikki xx
  • Awwww honey, i get it aswell, some people are just rude! You know you're a fab mummy, the silly woman probably has no idea what she's talking about!
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