tuna fish

another one! can you give LO's 6-7month tinned tuna? was thinking about mixing some with mashed potato and cheese xx


  • I sure hope so! I've given LO tinned tuna and tinned mackerel. I think only once or twice a week because of the mercury in it or something but soooo much easier than fresh fish! image
    Mashed pot and cheese sounds lovely - I usually mix peeled tomatoes and potatoes. Have you given evie fish yet? Cos max didn't like it at all at first but I kept giving it and he seems to find it acceptable now!
  • OOhhhh what a good idea image
  • hi hollys mummy tuna is fine but its the stuff in oil not brine as it has way too much salt . i am going to give Abby some 2morrow and mash potato and cheese sounds nice
    fea x
  • that good idea Ivana - she's had tuna, but usually with potato!!
  • Salmon's good and easy to cook, just pierce the pack and cook in microwave! Put it with mash n veg and gracie loves it!
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