7 months old and refusing breast help

hi ya im really stressed at mo as my lo has been waking in the nite at 4 am for past few nites just screaming we think its teething troubles but then last nite he wouldnt settle for breast and his last breast feed was 630 last nite so he has refused breast all day so far which bothers me and i dont know wot to do he will eat solids ok


  • hi sarah, sometimes isaac refuses a breast feed but then hes ok within a few days, apparantly when their teeth are coming through and they suckle to feed it causes like a vacuum in their mouth which hurts their gums, have you tried giving your lo a bit of teething gel before a feed, that sometimes works for me.
  • hi ya hayley we have tried teething gel medised calpol and teething granuels he just aint interested at all he keeps screaming when i try to feed him and we r now sitting here at 1120 this is going to b a long nite as he is hungry and has only had 4 oz of milk in 26 hours im shattered and just feel like crying cos i want sleep ive got two other children and none of them where like this at all so am finding it hard .x
  • aww bless you hun, hope your night wasnt too bad, dont really know what else to suggest to help but its no fun when youve been up all night with a baby and youve got to get up with older ones to get them to scool or nursery. take care xx
  • Hi Sarah, has your lo gone back to breastfeeding? My 8 month old who is fully breastfed suddenly refused to feed on Monday and the week has been a haze. She is unwell with a sore throat and this, as well as lots of other triggers such as teething can cause what they call a nursing strike. I am really upset as she is my 3rd too and probably the last so I wanted to carry on breastfeeding for ever! I have been expressing all week to keep my supply up in case she comes back to me when she is better.
    I hope things are better for you but I just wanted to let you know that I completely understand how you are feeling xxx
  • My baby is going on 7 months and we're going through the same thing. He's been breast fed and topped up with formula since he was newborn and since he started solids a month ago, is really losing interest in breast feeding. I'm upset about it, but I can't force him. Sometimes he'll go three days without bfing, then want to do it again. Luckily I'm not getting engorged or blocked ducts so it's working ok. I'll keep doing it as long as possible even if it's just once a day.
  • hi ya thanks for all ya support everyone thankfully he has started breast again which is great as he wouldnt drink formula at all i think it might b teeth but will just have to wait and see. arg i hope your lo gets back to breast soon as im sure you miss the closeness and the chance to sit down lol
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