Does anyone elses baby do this? (also in born in oct 09)

Am goin to write this quick as Luen sleepin and i want to do this and some other bits so lets see how much little monkey allows me to do!
Want to find out if other babies do what mine does with his bottle. He currently has 5oz bottles and drinks these quite well. But sometimes he will drink a bit, stop and come back say 10mins later or at sometime later. The only time i seem to find him guzzle whole bottle (not in 1 go) is when he has been whole 4 hours or so without feed. He is usually good at night but last night did this stop/start trick very tiring.
Am going to try making him a 6oz bottle for his 7pm feed later as he usually wakes after an hour with an oz left and he cries cos he still hungry so we end up warming up another bottle just for him to take less than oz.
Would be interesting to hear others views and how you deal with this?! xx


  • hiya

    i remember my lo used to do this and basically i got to know roughly how much he would take at each feed and if he hadnt taken it i would offer the rest just before the hour was up on the bottle or just before he was going off to sleep.

    For us it didnt last long and he was soon draining bottles!!!!!

    HTH XX
  • Hiya my LO is nearly 15 weeks old and still does this!! If I could store all my wasted milk I would have loads!! There seems to be no pattern to it so I cant do what babycrazy1 does! My MW said that babies are like us, sometimes they are really hungry and sometimes they just want a snack! So she said just to go with what baby wants. LIke babycrazy1 said, try baby again with milk before the hour is up. HTH. Lisa x
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