Anyone do doubletalk with NCT?

I have made lots of first time mum friends but I think having 2 will make you a different kind of mum.....I already secretly snigger to myself about some of the things I used to seriously worry about that I wont next time if that makes sense.

I was having a look and NCT do this

Doubletalk Expecting your second child and want to meet other mums? Contact our postnatal co-ordinator who can group you with other mums according to your due date. Email [email protected] for more information

Anyone do it? worth it?

(I often get NCT envy of other peoples groups and mine didnt really bond and were too busy for friendship and were quite far from where I live...booo hoo)


  • what is nct I dont htink we have this in ni??
  • SOunds good. My NCT group was tiny and didnt get on with either of the other couples. Would love to do this next time.... Im in Epsom, so not far from you!
  • moonb - NCT is the national childbirth trust....they might have NI classes.

    Em - you are v close!!
  • Moonbeam they do have them here. Not many have heard of it though. If u go to website & type in ur postcode it brings up classes near u, also have nearly new sales & things. Mine was in Belfast & there was only 3 couples on my course & only booked it a month in advance whereas in England it was up to 12 couples & u have to book them really early! If u live near ormuro (sp) road they have a baby & toddler group in the library, which I'm plucking up courage to go.

    Jayne xx
  • I love that you secretly snigger to yourself, that just made me laugh!

    I was talking about this at our nct group the other day. My group is fab, and 2 of us are ttc, so hopefully we can time that right! I did say I would do the classes again, but our local ones are all aimed at first time mums. I am going to look into doubletalk, that would be really handy!
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