Making Friends - What area of the country do you live in?

Hey ya - following on from the 'Friends on BE post' - I noticed that some people have loved meeting up! (me for one image) and others would like to but doesnt know who is near them.. Don't feel you have to add any details or buy putting some here your bound to meet up - but just thought it would be nice to let people know who is close to each other so they had the option if they so wished! image

I'm A North London Bunny! (plus I have a car so can travel a bit!.. although can't quite justify Statteries cause it's sooo far.. but when I hear you girls chatting about all it's yummy cakes I AM half tempted! :lol)

... & you?

(i'll get little lists going of each area so you dont have to keep trawling thru they whole thread - :lol: assuming you girls are intrested!) xx

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  • I'm from consett in Co.durham (way up north) i have a car to!!! xxx
  • :lol: I can see my poor Geography is going to be shown up in this post lol .. ahh well. sure you girls will set me right! x
  • Hi, it would be lovely to meet up as maternity leave can be a little lonely when you don't know anyone with children. I live in Herefordshire, not sure if there are many people from this area? xx
  • Hi I'm from East Yorkshire any one else ?

  • Hi. Just a few replies and already there is a wide spread. I live in Birmingham city centre
  • does anyone know how to up load a map where you can pin your area? if such a thing exsists? :lol:
  • I'm from Suffolk.

  • im from Wirral which is near Liverpool/Chester...i've met up with MKT86 and hoping to meet WillowSara once Amelie is out of hosp, i dropped some little clothes in at the hosp for her the other week :\) x
  • I'm in W. Yorks, I can just about make it over to Slatteries but it is a bit of a trek!
  • Where abouts Lara & Chloe? xxx
  • i'm from the North west - as many of you have already mentioned Slatteries - i'll just rub it in- the cake really is gorgeous!!! you really are missing out!!

    the 2 of you that are in Suffolk... My grandparents live in Brettenham - are either of you any where near there? we are going down for the weekend and trying to find somewhere to stay.... if either of you are anywhere near there, any idea's where we could stay please???
  • right girls i need a bit of help putting places that are near each other into the same groups cause obviously I don't know all the areas that well? lol
  • any one down south :lol: ?
  • Lara & Chloe - We live in Beccles!!! Do you know it? I know Stow!!

    Ollier - Is that Thetford way?

  • might be easier if everyone says where their nearest big city to get to is? mine would be Liverpool but i could travel to Manchester x
  • My 'big' city would be Norwich or Ipswich.

  • hi ladies, im down south- in southampton. xxx
  • lara, you are a star!! we have been to Lavernham before - it is beautiful!! (very nice pub too!!)

    my grandma is supposed to be sending me details of a farm in the next village (? Thorpe Morieux?), but, i think she may have forgotten........!!

    not sure if i have found it on the internet as i have no idea what it is called, but there were only 2 in the village listed with one site i found......

    will the the link you sent!!

    Garrfield, not sure if it near Thetford? i believe Bury st Edmonds is the nearest town, but....
  • my nearest city is Manchester!
  • I live in wigan. I dont drive but can use good old public transport to get to Warrington, Bolton, Preston, Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester quite easily.
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