just found out

my phone has broken so hubby put my sim card in an old phone of his.
i was lokking back at some of the texts and i happened to mention that of them were
old and must be from when hubby had phone.

he want to look so i showed him then i took the phone off him to carry on texting.

he stared to get really edgy about the phone and kept saying he wanted the phone.

after lots of me saying why you so bothered, it turn out about 12-18 months ago he was chatted
up by a woman at work and she was sending him quite explicit texts.

i got upset, he grabbed phone of me to look for these texts, kept saying how i should not see them.

turns out there was no texts on that phone.

not sure what to do now.

this must of been going on while i was pregnant.

he said he didnt do anything and just replyed saying how happy he was with me etc.

its just tha fact this went on all that time ago and i may of never found out.

soory for the long post.


  • sorry to hear that, he probably didn't do anything I to would be upset maybe you should talk to him about it and see what he says hugs
  • Mmmmm honey this must be v difficult for you.

    ** Modified to remove personal details**

    Anyway the point of all this waffle is that you need to talk talk and talk it through with him - and he needs to open up to you and be honest about the whole thing. He owes you that!!!! He needs to come clean with you about anything that did or did not happen and you need to 100% believe what he is telling you. Then you can take it from there.....

    Anyway hon, I wish you the best - I'll probably delete this essay later as I really dont like having such personal stuff on here xxx

    One last thin hon, please don't let him 'sweep it under the carpet' as this is not fair on you - the cats out of the bag now and he has to deal with it!


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  • Definately sit down with him and have a heart to heart convo. Try adns tay calm. If he senses you get edgy with questions etc suspecting anything this will cause him to become defensive. Try adn stay calm and get him to open up.
    Say to him its in the past and you want to put it behind you, but since he has told you, you want to know what happened, rather than dwell on teh unkniwn. He did admit to you they were explicit texts...he didnt ahve to tell you this but he did.

    Shame there arent any on this phone, unless there are the mgs he sent in the sent folder for proof

    Now he has told you explicit texts were sent he should explain to you what happened. it is only right, he neednt have mentioned it.

    How long have you been together for? After the incident hopefully herealised what he was doing was stupid and that he could have lost a lovely partner. I know you are probably thinking the worst etc. Looking at it from his angle, he knows he did wrong and im guessing thats why it enver got mentioned and hes happy in love with you and pushed it to the back of your mind. However, mention that it now questions your trusts for him to and see what he has to say.

    hugs xxx
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