Help please RE teething

Jayden already has two teeth but is teething again only this time hes got symptons he never had before which makes me wander if it is his teeth.

At the moment hes got a temp of 38.4 which is too high and is very irritabkle and has just puked up some of his food (not sure whether this is down to cuz he gagged on a bit??) But can babies vomit due to teething?



  • Maybe he's got a bug/virus which can be confused with teething sometimes?
    I would say it's a bug rather than teething myself if got temp & vomiting.
  • well hes had a bug before and its nothing like that
    the sick wasnt much, not like when he had a bug and was literally empyting the whole of his stomach. His gums are really swollen and i can see a tooth about to pop thru so im putting it more down to that then anything else at the moment.
  • Hi
    I'd say anything is possible with teething, Shea has two bottom teeth but about to cut his top and the other day all his hands and arms swelled up like balloons and went bright red, I rushed him to docs for the doc to tell me it's a teething symptom! I'd never heard of it before, so we gave him some neurofen and it went down within half hour.

    Have you given some medi? that will at least take the temp down and if he doesn't eat today it won't do him any harm. Or try something cooling on his gums like a cucumber stick to chew on

    Bloody teeth, they are a nightmare coming and a nightmare going
  • hi claire, yeh i have him calprofen and within an ourr it went down by 0.5 degrees. Hes feeling a bit sorry for himself but playing and screaming as normal lol

    Who would think teeth would cause such probs!!
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