Freddie is 8 weeks old and we never got the hang of breast feeding, i expressed for two and a half weeks with a manual pump, i had really bad baby blues and was exhausted from constantly pumping to feed. i reluctantly gave up after people kept saying i should ff and enjoy my baby. i really really regret this and now freddie is 8 weeks old and i am starting to feel like my normal self again i really want to try again, i still get tiny amounts of milk so i am going to give it a go. just spoke to a bf counsellor, she advised loads of skin to skin, get pumping again, fenerwick (sp) and don perdone(sp).

has anyone else had any experience, success or advice,

wish me luck, (pumping as we speak)



  • Hello! I have done it, and started when Lucas was just a little younger than Freddie. I used fenugreek, ate loads of oatmeal, and pumped every hour (including overnight) for 4 weeks, then cut down to every 3 hours and once overnight and now I just pump twice a day so that hubby can feed him his last feed.

    I also used a supplementary feeding system, a bag round your neck with a tube that goes in bubba's mouth along with your nipple. You use this once bubba can latch on well to convince them they can be satisfied on boob just as much as bottle and really helps supply as you can fill with formula until your supply catches up but bubba still suckles to signal your body to make more milk - genius!

    We did and still do loads of skin to skin and had big success with rebirthing in the bath...basically lay in the bath with bubba on your tummy (make sure someone is with you and the room is lovely and warm) and they will work their way up to your chest and hopefully seek out your nipple.

    Most importantly, offer boob regularly. I knew Lucas only wanted reding every 3-4 hours but I offered more than that, letting him comfort suck when he was tired etc. This helps re-establish supply, and lets you work on latch without pressure. If Freddie starts to get stressed AT ALL just put boob away and try again later.

    Relax, and take your time. I'm so glad I did it, but it was 6 weeks of being completely exhausted and felt like a cow, and if you can't cope then do not kick yourself about it. Any breast milk you can give is a bonus right now.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply and advice, going to take it all on board, really, really want to succeed. My main issue with bf was it was really painful, but expressing was not. would love to get him on the breast but if all i can do is express one bottle a day i will be really pleased. Can i as do you still top up with formula or do you have enough milk now?

  • We've been EBF now for 3 weeks, took a couple of weeks to wean him off the last bottle of formula, even though for the last week he was only taking half an ounce but would scream till he got it!

    I quit due to pain too but since we started again I reall took my time with getting his latch right and it is not at all painful now. Make sure Freddie's not tongue tied too...

    Hope you succeed hon

  • Wow, congratulations and well done, you really are an inspiration. I am really proud of myself as i have produced a quarter of an ounce today, ha, ha, Freddie takes five ounce it will take me a month to produce one feed at that rate!!!! going to keep going though, tried him on the boob a couple of times, he had a suck for about a minute once, but not interested again, try again tomorrow. thank you for the advice.xx
  • Fenugreek is great, can buy it from Holland and Barrett. Domperidone is prescription only, but I'm sure if you explain it to your GP he/she should be able to help.
    Good luck!
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