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encourage Charlie to enjoy his own company? at the moment I can't leave him for a second without him crying and as oh is returning to work after 8weeks off i need to be able to get jobs done around the house but mainly i want Charlie to enjoy his 'play time' - i admit i am way too quick to pick him up when he cries but its sooo hard to leave him upset. Any suggestions girls, i need to sort this? xx


  • I had similar trouble with my lo

    I have a playmat that plays tunes and found if i could settle him with a tune and madly shaking a rattle to get his attention he would stop crying and play happily.

    Try and find something he really likes too, my lo loves his door bouncer or jumperoo, so i pop him in, play with him for a while and then pop in and out to get him used to being on his own.

    Door bouncers are great if you want to get on with jobs in the kitchen - pop him in just sing him a song from time to time and get on with whatever you need to.
  • Have you got a baby carrier? Charlie and Faye are the same age and she is much the same.... I think that if they have spent 9 mnths being tucked up inside us warm and comfy its understandable for them to feel like this. I put Faye in her sling and get on with whatever, even reading BE with it on at least I can type with both hands image
  • I agree with MrsT. At this age he is too young for a door bouncer and too young to grab toys anyway, so a sling is good. Gabe still likes being in one but I only use it when I have things to do around the house as he will screams if you sit down with him, though I imagine a younger baby wouldn't mind as much! I've got one where you can put LO on the back too but I'm a bit nervous for that yet. I can't wait to do it though so I can no longer burn food, lol. If you're not so keen on that idea have you got anything musical for him to play with, I had a fisherprice rainforest swing and Gabe loved it (though we've given it to SIL now as he's too big for it :cry: ) , it rocks and plays music. Will he watch TV? Not ideal but when I popped next door Gabe happily watched baby TV (Oh was in the house too, I didnt leave him alone lol). Or you could put some mozart on! Babies meant to love that, though I never tried it, my mum says it works.
  • I do have a sling but Charlie is quite a good weight (13lb 7oz) and my back is not 2good so don't know if it would make my back worse?
  • What kind of sling is it? I think it depends. Try it for a bit and if your backs killing stop. I think it'll be OK just around the house as you can sit down too.
  • my charlie is the same, and like yours is a big baby so carrying him in a sling is not really an option either
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