Having a bad day and feeling guilty...

It started off with me having a rather late night yesterday so I'm tired which doesn't help. My DH has been away all night on business and doesn't get back till tomorrow evening so that doesn't help either! Anyhoo morning starts well, milk feed, my shower, wolfed breakfast down. Went down for nap with no issues for an hour an a half. At which point my day has been failing miserably!!
Tried to cook some spinach leaves to freeze individually but forgot all about them and have cooked for over 20 mins when it should be just 3-4 mins, so they're now overcooked! Wanted to freeze some mango as well but just didn't get time as I was faffing with other stuff so I now have to find time later... Anyhoo DD wakes up for lunch but hardly eats any, just a couple of spoons of meat and veg and half a jelly pot. Drank lots of water though, so guess that's a success! So then I'm getting frustrated with DD for fussing and with myself for giving her a breastfeed before her nap, if she hadn't had that, she would have been more hungry for lunch. So right now she is having a breastfeed, a feed which we dropped afew weeks ago! And will no doubt screw up her milk/ food for the rest of the day. then after lunch she was sitting and fell and banged her head against the wall, so now I feel even worse for putting her in a stupid place to sit image

I just feel like it's all a bit pants today! And i seriously need to get out of the house! Just texted mil to see if she could take DD for couple of hours but she can't so am now fortunately popping over to a friends for an hour or so. I feel so guilty for being frustrated today and a rubbish mum, I keep thinking I could do with an entire day without dd just so I can get some stuff done! Then i feel bad for thinking that cos i do love spending time with her. I could also do with an early night but I know I won't cos I have things to do and I hate going to bed on my own when DH isn't here image

I'll be fine, just needed to rant to stop myself going any madder than I already am! Tomorrow will be a better day as I'm seeing my sill and niece then mil will have DD for the afternoon. As for DDs dinner later, who knows whether she will eat it, I can only hope that she does or I may just have to kill myself slowly!!

Does anyone else have days where they are seriously going mad with motherhood and losing their sanity?! And feel guilty for it? Anyone have days where they feel like they've done good whatsoever for their LO or theirselves?!

god, just reread this, how sorry for myself am I being today!!


  • Totally know how you feel..think we all have those days! Sending bigs hugs and hungry vibes to your LO!
  • Oh yes!!!!!! This is day 2 and i'm not expecting tomorrow to be any better!

    Have a massive virtual ((((((((((HUG)))))))))) and I hope your dd eats her tea

  • Thank you both! I felt a lot better after writing that post and going to see my friend! DD ate enough of her tea for me to be happy with. I've decided I need to have a slight re-jig of our routine so that she's not so full for lunch and dinner, will see if it works!

    thanks again for your hugs xx
  • Glad you're feeling better chick!
  • im sure everyone has those days and im sure everyone would like a day without their LO once in a while but that doesnt mean you dont love them.
    Once one things gets you out of sorts its a continuous spiral it seems, every little thing frustrates you, you're only human.
    Glad you're better now and dont be too hard on yourself xx
  • Yeah def feeling better, DD is still asleep so I've been pottering around for last half hour (although why aren't I still in bed?!) and I have things planned for when mil has her this afternoon, so I can be mummy this morning and miss productive this afternoon, then nubby comes homes this evening!! All is well again, yesterday was yesterday...!
  • Hubby not nubby!!!! lol!
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