How high b4 i should worry? ? ?

My dd is 4 weeks n she's not well, she wont be put down n we've been goin through the same thing since 7pm, i put her in her moses basket n she cries til i pick her back up then she drops off so i put her back in n she cries again, doesnt look like i'll be gettin much sleep 2nite! Anyway, her temp has been varying from 37.4-37.7 all day, gave her a cool bath n have got her in just a vest, is her temp high enough 4 me 2 be worried or am i being paranoid? Would appreciate any advice coz she's my 1st n i dont really know what 2 do with an ill baby x


  • Hi hon,

    I can see you're not logged in now but in case you come back on...

    ...I would say you're doing the right things just keeping her cool at the mo.

    If a baby gets too hot their little bodies don't know how to deal with it and it can lead to a febrile convulsion (fit).

    If you are still worried give NHS direct a call for advice or ring your maternity ward if you still have their details - you'll be able to speak to a midwife and get some advice there hopefully.

    Good luck
  • 37 is normal isnt it? from what i know. 36-37 is normal body temp. i remember panicking over brookes temp when she was tiny and they said if it gets to 39 or 40 then to take her straight in to docs or a & e. xx
  • yeah anything up to 38 is fine for a baby in the evening. Davids been in and out of hosp so many times, id be glad of a 37.4 temp lol. davids was 41 when he was poorly the first time, its horrible.
  • hey,

    I would take her to your doctors to get her checked over - you say she's ill, are there any other symptons? As she's so tiny any doctor should be happy to have a look at her and give you advice.

    My doctor is very old fasioned and said he's never taking his childrens temperature and doesn't take temperatures of children/adults when he sees them. If the baby/child/adult days the temp is higher than normal he feels that it should therefore be lowered. Louise felt much hotter than normal when our thermometer was measuring high 37's and was 38 once. The doc said that 38 considered a high temperature.

    It is difficult to take a babies temp and diff thermometers could give different readings so as I said before, take her to see a doctor so he can either find or rule out an infection.

  • Davids been in and out so many times, the signs to look out for if a babys really ill:
    pale / grey in colour (dehydrated)
    missing out feeds
    cry is a whimper rather than strong cry
    breathing is faster than normal
    dip in the chest/ breathing only with tummy muscles
    temp over 38 (a babys temp always rises in the evening, so a hsp wont entertain a temp until its over 38!)
    Green poo (if infection) but that can also be wind/ colic
    Unusually sleepy, hard to wake
    Im sure theres more, but dont panic if only ones occuring, babys have off days and trust your instinct, you know your baby best!
    David was 1 week 6 days old when he got suspected meningitus and everyone around me told me he was fine, just had a baby cold... by that evening he was in resus on life support.
    Therefore if you think your lo's ill, get them checked out, as a mother knows best

  • i'm confused now, i've seen a few people say that breathing with tummy is bad but my doc and hv both said that babies breathe with their tummy muscles and something is wrong if the movement is in their chest! when JJ had bronchiolitis the doc told me to take him straight to a&e if i saw his chest moving! x
  • Thanks 4 all the advice girls, feel better after readin them! She was really sweaty n cryin more than usual, also she's a bit constipated as she looks like a tomato n cries a bit when she's tryin 2 poo! Have been givin her water between feeds 2 try n help her out, she seemed 2 settle a bit at 4 am n seems a bit brighter now! Although hard 2 tell at her age lol! Will keep an eye on her but think she's prob fine x
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