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Soz for all the posts tonight asking questions lol, but i hardly get a chance to come on now, so posting all the questions id like answered while i get the chance :lol:

Ok, it looks like Jaimi-Lee has little boobs!! lol, shes only 12 days old, but theyre really quite noticeable and when i touch her chest, her boobs are hard and something inside her boobs moves, maybe tissue or something?? :\? Hubby thinks its funny that she has boobs already but im a wee bit concerned! Is it pretty normal for 12 day old girls to have the makings of a page 3 model?? lol :lol: image :lol:

Sharon xx


  • I'm afraid I don't know anything about this one hun. Probably worth a check with the HV.
    It could be hormones?
    It's like they say that a newborn girl can bleed a little from 'down below' as the hormones from us are so strong at the birth.
    Maybe it has something to do with that?

    Just my thoughts. xx
  • Some of your hormones will be still inside her and they can make her nips/chest swollen for a bit. I have a little boy and he had mastitis!! It sounds like this could be what your lo has (caused by blocked ducts, which could be the hard bit you can feel). My midwife told me it would settle itself in a few weeks and it did. Until it went his nips were quite hard and white but it obviously was not a problem as she just went 'oh he's got a touch of mastitis' (usually only breastfeeding women can get this!
    Our left over hormones can even make our lo's have a mini period, mad isn't it!!
    Don't worry about it but you could just mention it to you midwife/hv
  • Am sure this is perfectly normal hun. Some peoples tissues in that area are more prominent, and even little boys can have little boobs when they are born. xxx
  • grace had this and hv said its nothing to worry about,just a thought aswell,are you breastfeeding?? i breastfeed grace and was told its cuz my hormones etc r still getting to her thru the milk and this happened a few times even when she was older xxx
  • it is your hormones still going through her. Zach had this for the first couple of weeks.

    I found this online

    It's very common and normal for babies (boys and girls) to have mild or even impressively swollen, enlarged breasts and/or lumps under the nipple. They are almost always benign and due to exposure to maternal hormones in the womb.
    Causes of Newborns' Enlarged Breasts and Lumps in Newborns

    In the womb, babies are exposed to all of their mother's hormones. The same hormones that cause the mother's breasts to swell and milk glands to be stimulated can do the same to the baby's breasts.

    These lumps and enlarged breasts in the baby may be quite noticeable at birth. They might even continue to grow after birth for a while. If you were to pinch them, some real breast milk may be expressed.

    Over weeks, or sometimes even months, when there is no more exposure to the hormones, the breast tissue begins to shrink and eventually becomes quite flat. Occasionally a normal, small nubbin of tissue remains, but it doesn't grow or cause discomfort.
    Tips for Concerned Parents

    Sometimes overly worried parents touch and pinch the breasts so much that the area gets irritated. Leave them alone and let nature take its course in shrinking them.
    When to Worry About Swollen Breasts or Lumps

    In the rare case when the breasts look infected (swollen, red, tender, or have a discharge) and the baby has a fever, call your pediatric provider to check if an infection has set in.
  • I think they can have hormones in them from you like the other mums said. Some baby girls can even have a little bleed when newborn, like a very small period due to hormones!!
  • my lil boy (Tyler) had lil boobs when he was born. We still call him mooby (coz he had manboobies)
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