Petite Zia or Quinny Zapp which one is best???

Hey girls,

Looking for a bit of advice on the above, I need a small one to shove in the back of my KA as the quinny buzz is a bit bulky really.

I love both of these and they are about the same price so I am wondering which one is best? What have you got and would you recommend it?

Thanks xxxxx


  • SIL has the zapp (which she loves) and many of my friends have the zia. zia seat goes go flat, but have read reports of some dodgy wheels.

    I went for the zapp in the end due to the deal I got. Haven't used it yet as lo is still a bit young. Looking forward to having something lighter and smaller than the buzz for sticking in the car!
  • I love the zia. I had the zapp for nmy first child but we took it back necause it didnt recline and he looked uncomfortable in it. Just got the zia for my second child and i love it so much. it lies flat, folds small and is so nice to push. i love it image
  • Ohhhh this is what we're about to decide! Have tried the Quinny in Mothercare and the only thing I wasn't sure about was the seat didn't recline enough for snoozing etc. Lo is 8 months-nearly 9 months (crikey!!). Heard brilliant thing on here about the Zia Petite star so am going to Toys R Us to try lo in it then but it from Mothercare as it's cheaper.
    We need a smaller one as we have a Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler which has been great but way too bulky and faffy to put up and down. Looking forward to something light, flexible and in a bright colour too!
    Realised I haven't helped at all but am in the same boat! Sorry! x
  • Thanks Girls, I like the idea of the quinny as my maxi cosi will fit to it, but she will be in a stage 2 car seat in a few months I think??? So not that much of a plus point!

    Oh mumto1 I was thiniking the same about it not reclining? But Amber will sleep in her car seat and thats not lie flat so I am thinking she would like it???

    How much are the ones you have seen as there are some good deals online too xx
  • Does anyone know what ages you can use them up to? xx
  • I have the Zapp which i think is great but i haven't used the Petite Zia so i couldn't tell you if that's better.
    I was going to buy mine from mothercare but they didn't have the colour i wanted (strawberry if you're interested!) so i looked online and i'm glad i did.
    At mothercare it was ??150 and i bought mine online from Kiddicare for ??106 including free delivery
  • hi i have the quinny zapp and i love it,my not so lil boy is nearly 2 and theres still room for him to grow. I got mine in cobalt blue from a power seller on ebay brand new it cost me ??98 with postage and packaging it also came with the baby seat adapters alot cheaper than in the shops.
    hope ive helped xx
  • Hi, I love my Zia. Its light, reclines and folds up small enough to fit in my tiny boot. I got mine from an ebay shop, brand new with free delivery for ??95 xx
  • Hi,
    The Petite Star Zia is ??139.99 from Toys R Us and ??125.00 from Mothercare online as they don't sell it in the shop that's why we couldn't try him in it!
    Am off to whizz round the shop in it after brekkie so will let you know! Bet there are better prices if we looked online-might do that too when we get back!
    Bekkie x
  • Hey Amy

    As you know i have the petit star zia....and i LOVE IT!!!! It's soooo light and easy to push. I've had it for a month now and never use my loola anymore x
  • Hello,
    Well we are now the very proud owners of a ...........
    Petite Star Zia in black!! Took us nearly 40 minutes to decide between this and the Quinny Zapp. Think the way the Quinny folds up is FAB and its soooo small and light!
    To be very honest I wanted the Quinny but oh thought beacuse the Petite Star Zia reclines and has a latch to clip it together when folded so we ended up with that. Used a voucher we had so got it for the same price as Mothercare. Also the PSZ comes with a raincover and little bag and you had to buy them for the Quinny.
    So there we have it ladies! Also AmyAmber if you would like I have a ??15 off the Quinny Zapp from Toys R Us and they're down to ??129.99 and I could post it to you? Just drop me an email-it needs to be used by the end of April I think.
  • Mum to 1 that is so sweet of you but we live in Germany so wouldnt be able to use it booooo, I have found a lovely zapp in mint green online so think we are going to get that as I love the fact our car seat clicks on and it sounds fab! She prefers not to lie down so we will see how she gets on it!

    The adapters that I use in my buzz should be fine shouldnt they? Or do I need to buy zapp ones or something? God do they make a lot of money out of us eh???? lol!

    Thanks for everyones advice xx

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