I'm Engaged! Dave proposed last night! UPDATE WITH DETAILS!

Title says it all really!!

Last night Dave asked me to marry him! So unexpected lol, I thought he would sometime soon, but had no idea it would be then!! I burst into tears and said ".....I'd love too" hehe, choosing a ring today if I can find one i like image I'm so fussy!!

Am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy image image image



We've been together almost 4 years, and discussed marriage a fair few months ago and said we'd both like too one day. About 2 months ago he bought it up again, and said he will one day soon. Well my OH bless him says that and 6 months later he may have done it :lol: He said he would find it hard to get me a ring because I'd find it, I'd prob notice money going missing out the bank (disadvantage of a joint account) and the fact he propbably couldnt wait to ask me!! Last night we had had a lovely evening watching a DVD together and cuddling on sofa, had bath and went to bed. So were laying in bed watching TV and I said jokingly I hope you're going to propose soon, he said "now" and laughed!! I thought no more of it until about 2 hours later as calm as anything he said "Roch.......Will you marry me" I burst into tears and said I'd love too!! He said I havent got you a ring because there was no way possible of getting you one without you knowing about it. So he said we'd choose one today, which is better really, because I know I'll like it for sure then! You can obviously guess what happened after that!! image image BUT at 11am this morning Kelsie (14 months) who is learning to walk - and doing very well I must say. Fell over and hit her head on door frame so she's now nursing one hell of a bruise. Took her 1 hour to stop grizzling afterwards (I'm not suprised - It looks bloody sore) which made us miss train! So will get ring on friday now all being well!!

We're hoping for a wedding April 30th 2010. Our 5 year anniversary!!

I'm sooo happy!

Thanks for all your lovely comments girlies!!


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