bath timeq

how old was your lo before they shared a bath with you? when can their body take higher water temperatures?
any info would be great, thanks xx


  • I have been having baths with Ashton since we came home from hospital to be honest as it is so much easier. When he was really little I used to have it just warm, get him washed then oh would come and get him out so that I could top it up with hot water and have a bath myself. Now that he is older (8 1/2 months) I have it a little hotter and he is fine. He has a little seat that he sits in while I get my hair washed and wash myself then its his turn. Then I normally get out and get dryed and dressed while he plays for a bit longer. Just make sure that you have everything that you ned with you in the bathroom before you start. xxxx
  • Hi,

    My lo is just over 3 wks old, and we do what tamarabell did... he gets in with me, then my oh gets him out then i top up the hot water!

    We both love it as we get clean and get cuddles at the same time

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