Oscar's had a reaction to something

Is it possible to be allergic to strong cheese but not mild??

We went out for lunch today and Oscar had a cheese toastie, a slice of cucumber and a tiny slice of pepper. All this he's had before but he came up with huge red blotches all over his chin and a few on his cheeks. He's got an allergy to fresh tomato, but with that he only gets tiny blotches of rash around his mouth. The only thing that was different was that the cheese was *really* strong and we only have mild cheese at home.

I'm going to take him to the doctors on Friday to get a paediatrition referal for an allergy test but I'd like to narrow it down first.

Oh, he has also sometimes had a light rash around his mouth recently, I think since he started having cows milk as a drink but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance lately



  • Not really sure hun but it sounds like it might be the case.
    Sorry i can't be more help, hope you get an app soon x
  • My sister was allergic to dairy products when she was younger from baby through till she was about 9 or 10 quite serverely now she just has mild eczema if she has too much of something. I'm not sure but as you said about the milk perhaps he is allergic to dairy? I know she used to get a terrible rash around her mouth if she had so much as a tiny tiny bit of dairy. xxx
  • JJ has been really spotty round his mouth since having whole milk...i blamed the dummy though, beginning to make me wonder now hmmm x
  • My DS has had a reaction like these on a couple of occassions we thought we'd sussed it as baby plum tomatoes but nope! Then again the other day at my mums, which we've narrowed down to either asda cheese triangles (but he's fine with dairylea ones?) or margarine spread as only things different.

    But we're not stressing too much as only a blotchy rash and goes down within an hour and doesn't cause him an distress.
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