Working Tax Credits

Hi girls!!

I'm Butterfly from Pregnancy forum!

Just a quick question I hope you can help with!!

Can you claim Working Tax Credits whilst on Maternity Leave? & How long after the birth do they go through??

Thanks alot!!

20+0 x


  • yes you can. it'll either be a joint claim if you have a partner or an individual one if you've not.
    They should send you a form to fill in and then they'll work out if you're entitled to anything.
    Ours have gone up slightly since I started mat leave as the first ??100 of mat pay isnt counted when working out your entitlement (so knock that off your estimated wage...)
    you might not be entitled to any WTC though depending on how much you earn. You should be eligible for CTC once baby is here.

  • Thankyou!!!!

    I've done the online calculator, so I know I'm entitled! But wasn't sure when you could claim from!!

    Thanks again!! xxx
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