Sainsbury's Half Price Baby Wipes and Toiletries!

Hi everyone,

The Sainsburys half price baby sale is back!
Just thought i'd let you know as I found out to late last time and missed it!
It's a great time to stock up!

Amy xx


  • oo thanks amy! i need some baby wipes and shampoo! x
  • Should have known this - I work in Sainsbury's health & beauty dept which includes baby stuff ( on maternity leave, though)!!

    Thanks for letting us know!! image
  • i was in sainsburys today as needed baby wipes i usually buy the 5 pack but they had all ghone and as usual with my sainsbrys no one had bothered to restock them!
  • thats the trouble when they have a promotion - the stock disappears so quickly. You should ask somebody if they have any in the stockroom - they usually get loads in if there's a promotion on so its always worth asking. image
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