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Well Rose is now two weeks old and breastfeeding is still going well. I wanted to ask your advice though, Rose seems to sleep a love in the evening and then just before bedtime between 10pm and 11pm she wakes up and then as hubby and I are ready for bed she is wide awake.

I was wondering how I can get her out of this little routine she has been like this since we brought her home from the hospital, it takes us ages to get her back off as of course she has just had a long sleep and so is wide wake??

What do you think? Also we are letting her sleep in her moses basket till we go to bed and then taking her up, when did you all start to get a bed routine going, I know she is too young now maybe but I was not sure when a good time would be to start?

K xx


  • Hi k-lou and congrats on baby Rose!

    With regards to the sleeping, it really depends what you want. With me and my lo I just let him lead the way and never woke him/kept him awake or tried to enforce a routine. He also did what you describe so Hubby and I ended up going to bed earlier! We both needed the sleep and meant we were better able to cope come 10/11 if he had an awake time!

    Now he is 23wks ( image ) and has naturally found his own routine so we are both happy!
  • Wow - 2 weeks already!
    I cant believe how quick the time is passing - Maisie will be 8 weeks on wednesday!
    We used to let her sleep down stairs with us until we went to bed at 10 ish, but found she got too used to only sleeping with us in the room and with all the back ground noise.
    We started by trying to follow the gina ford contented little baby guide. We started by trying to put her in our room for morning, lunch and afternoon naps, this seemed to help get her used to be there alone.
    Then we started to bring her night time forward each night and now she settles between 6.30-7.30pm, then sleeps until 10-10.30 when we wake her up for a nappy change and a bottle of EBM. This seems to work for us at the moment, she is only waking once a night for a short feed at around 3, then sleeps till around 6.30-7 ish.

    Dont force it too much though and change something little each day, not everything all at once!

    Let us know how you get on and what works.
  • :lol: Evans 5months and still downstairs asleep in the moses basket til we go to bed.

    At two weeks i wouldnt worry about getting into a routine just yet, im sure in a few weeks youl notice some kind of pattern emerging, these first weeks go so quick so i would go with her and enjoy it image

  • i think i got the twins in to a bed time routine about 4 months,i give them there last bottle between 6-30 to 7 and there both in bed for 7-30 then when there both in bed i start on daniel and hes in bed for 8 and then i have some time on my own (OH works away) normaly they find they own routine and if you want to change it you do it little at a time

  • we got luke into a routine from about 8weeks (he's 11wks now) he has bath n bottle before 8pm then up to bed. he's flat out till about 2am, feed n then back down till 6ish. he took to it fine, no probs at all...rose may surprise u. but whenever u feel is right time, people were telling me to do it around 2wks and i wasnt ready to put him to bed 8weeks i felt ok with it...whenever u feel is best x
  • Thank you girls, I had heard not to get a routine going till they were about 5 or 6 months. I am just going to go with the flow and then like you girls said try and sleep when she sleeps and see how it goes image
    K xx
  • Hope Rose is behaving herself for you!

    Sleep when she sleeps is a really good idea, I rarely do it now but will if I do have a bad night.
  • hey k-lou

    congrats on baby rose! Yea i used to sleep when jack does too, lot easier when OH went back to work and got more in a routine then too, just follow what rose wants for now 2 weeks is still very early, i think jack started getting into a routine about 6 weeks wasnt great still up through the night but at 8 weeks was in a routine all by himself sleeping thou! Routines change all the time though as they drop feeds get older etc, so dont worry just enjoy her and follow her lead.

  • Hi hun
    I think we kept Bethany in her moses basket downstairs for the first few weeks then we started putting her upstairs with the monitors on so she was undisturbed. You will find your own routine in time, i do beleive in starting this as soon as possible really, just with the whole "bath, bottle, bed" routine as they say babies learn from a very young age. Also, make sure its dark in her room (or yours) when she goes down at night and light when she naps in the day as they learn how to distinguish between night and day. These are just some tips i use but obv i cant say if they actually worked or not but Bethany has always been great at night and sleeps 13hrs straight through now and has done for a few months. Its still early days but you will find what works best for you in time.

    Anna & Bethany (7 months)
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