Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help? I make all my baby's meals myself and this afternoon decided to make her some pork and veggies (using lean minced pork) but now Im not so sure she can have pork. She is 8 months old and from my various baby books it only mentions giving pork to babies 9 - 12 months. Does anyone know? I dont really see what harm it could do her but wanted to make doubly sure!



  • I have given Lucas pork from 7 months with no problem. As long as it is only in smallquantities (say once a week) I don't see the problem.
  • Evie's had it since I started weaning her at 4 and a bit months. It's her fave meat, loves mummy's pork and apple casserole.

  • i think its ok cos iv never read anything that says otherwise. i was wondering about lamb the other week but annabel karmel just refers to red meat so i take this to be beef, pork and lamb really.
    i would give cameron pork if i ever made it!
    oh and baby jars have pork from the 4month onwards jars!
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