Can someone explain PUPD and PUPDCD to me please

As the title says really.

Sara is 5 months and has become dependant on us rocking her to sleep - yes I know naughty mummy, but I love the cuddles, the problem is now that I'm back at work and she's with the child minder I think it would be less stressful for everyone if we 'weaned' her off the rocking.

I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times and everyone is sick of it!

I have tried settling her into her cot...putting her in there awake/sleepy and sitting with her, sssshhhhing but she gets really angry and gets so worked up I don't think she realises I'm right there!

Thanks lovelies

Liz xx


  • We did PUPD with our lo as she would only sleep on me during the day. It took around a week to get her to nap in her cot, although she was always good at self-settling at night. Although she cried & got into a temper whilst we were doing it, she knew I was always there with her.

    This link was kindly posted for me by Sim75 from BIN '09. I've only had a quick look at it, and think you may have to 'join', similar to here to post, but it may be worth a look.

    There is also a Baby Whisperer website, if you google it, and it will give you lots of information. Have you tried your local library to see if they have a copy of the book you could borrow? Hth & good luck with it xx
  • Thanks honeyPops will have a look at that link and in the library - but I do see this forum as my library!!!

    How long did it take the first time? - So the process goes, I put Sara into her cot awake, sit with her and wait how long before I pick her up? How long do I pick her up for - til she stops crying totally? Right too many questions, off to research
  • PUPD goes along the lines of, put her down awake, when she cries pick her up, as soon as she stops crying put her down. she will probably cry again, but make sure she is propeorly put down on the mattress before she is picked up again. its very tiring and expect for pick up and put down between 50 and 100 times!

    try too.. really good!!
  • Hi hon, just had a quick scan of this chapter in my bw book, here goes.

    first follow the 4 s wind down ritual.
    Setting the stage - getting the environment ready for sleep (go to room, draw the curtains, put on soft music).
    Swaddling - or getting your baby ready for sleep.
    Sitting - quietly without any physical stimulation.
    (and if necessary) Shush/pat.

    PU/PD is basically this - when lo cries go into their room, first try to comfort with words and a gentle hand on their back and up to 6 months you can also do shush/pat (in older babies shush/pat can disturb sleep). If she doesn't stop crying then pick her up, but put her down the minute she stops crying and not a second later - you are comforting her not trying to put her back to sleep. Even if she cries the minute she leaves your shoulder or on the way down to the cot still lay her all the way down on the mattress. If she's crying pick her up again.
    The idea behind this is that you are giving her comfort and security and letting her have the emotion, in essence you are saying to her "you can cry, but mummy/daddy is right here"
    If when you lay her down, she cries, pick her up again. But remember not to fight her, if she arches her back. Part of her struggling and squirming is that she's trying to put herself back to sleep.

    On average PU/PD takes 20 mins, but it can go for an hour or more. By talking to her in a gentle tone and saying "your're just going to sleep darling" (or something like that) you are letting them know that you are not going to abandon them, you are just helping them get to sleep. Babies whose parents do PU/PD eventually associate the voice with comforting and they no longer need picking up.

    To do PU/PD correctly - pick her up when she cries and put her down the minute she stops - she will eventually lose steam and cry less. At first they might start to snuffle and gasp in between wimpers as she is winding down, and is a sign that sleep is round the corner. Just keep your hand on her, the weight of your hand coupled with verbal reassurance lets her know you're there. Don't shush, don't pat and don't leave the room until you see them drop into a deep sleep.

    PU/PD is about reassuring and installing trust.

    hth, good luck with it. Try it when you are ready and prepared and have oh with you to help and support.

  • Mwah...thanks ladies xxx
  • The girls have already covered it above. I think this technique is brilliant. I used it for my son at 20wks. Then again recently at 6+ months after he started sleep probs. I didnt realise until I was told that I had to modify the PUPD at this age and once I did it has worked a treat again. So keep that in mind for down the line if you still need it then.
    But for now, just follow it like sarah has said. And do have some support around you. It can get really really tough. Especially as you are trying to break a habit with your DD so there will be a lot of resistance from her and a lot of patience required on your side. The first 3 days were the hardest for me when I started, and it nearly broke me. But I hadnt expected how hard it would be and didnt line up the support. But once you get over the hump, the technique works brilliantly (for most babies!)

    Definately go on to the BW forum if you need some help or tips. And of course post here. Feel free to contact me in BIN 09 if you need any help too, or in Baby.
    Good luck!
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