Whats wrong??

Hi. My lo is 4 months old. I havent come on yet. But i have really bad stomach pains and it hurts when i go for a wee and there is only a bit of blood. It hurt after aswell. What could be wrong.

Roxi xx

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  • is there only blood when u wee? or all the time?
  • I don't have any advice honey, but if you're concerned maybe try NHS Direct. They'll advise you on what to do for the best,

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • There is only blood when i wee.

  • maybe u have an infection xx
  • sounds like an infection hun, should get checked out, hope ur ok x
  • honey i'm pretty sure it's a urine infection, and if there's blood in your wee it's likely that it's quite bad, not to worry you but go to an out of hours surgery to get some antibiotics, as if it gets into your kidneys it can be dangerous and bloody painful! I've had a few urine infections and they are horrid aren't they! X
  • I agree with all others, most prob an infection.
    If there is blood could be something like cystitis but like linziMc said if it gets to your kidneys it can be dangerous. Would get it sorted asap xx
  • Thanks. I got a docs appointment 2moz. It is bloody dreadful. Thought it was meant to get better after the birth. Lol.

  • I had a uti last week, sounds like u have one too,
    hope u get on ok at docs
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