1st injections

My little girl had her 1st injections yesterday and has had a really bad night, i have given her calpol but she is still really grisly and will not settle at all.
I have taken her temp which is between 37/38.
She will not have a bottle, she have only had 5 ozs since yesterday afternoon.

Can anyone advise if this is normal after having their injections?


  • It is a normal reaction unfortunately, is she 8 weeks? As I think you can only gove her 1 more small dose of calpol if she is and then no more unless advised by a doc. Try and keep her cool by leaving her in her vest and try giving her some water if she wont take her milk. If her temp gets any higher then call nsh direct or make an appointment to see the doctor.

    Our poor little lo's get a small amount of the illness thier being protected against so thier bodies build up a defense to it so it's natural that they are not themselves while thier body is dealing with it.

    My lo's reaction to all of them was to feed loads and loads making herself sick and me exhausted as she is bf!
  • Thank you for your reply.
    She is 9 weeks old.
    I have just returned from the doctor as she was getting worse, if no improvement within a few hours i have to take her straight back. image

    And to think she has to go through it all again in a few weeks.
  • bless her, one of the girls on here delayed the 2nd and 3rd injections because of the way her lo reacted to the 1st ones and didn't react as badly with the next ones.
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