Please can anyone help - sicky baby


I have a beautiful baby girl (8 months old). She is very happy and contended but she keeps being sick after milk/water feeds. This has been going on for a while but she is not ill. I have tried sitting her up to feed her, changed her milk, but she is still being sick sometimes 8 times a day and projectile. I am at my wits end now. HV has said some babies are just sicky and I really thought the sickiness would stop by now as she is on solids. I have booked her in to the DR's but they will probably just tell me the same thing as HV. Can anyone else offer any advice what to try?


  • id try the drs and if you get nojoy there ask for a referral to a specialist. ht
  • Hey my little girl is also 8 months and also sick a lot including after food but it's never been projectile. I'm working on trying to eliminate possible causes but Mrs P's daughter had projectile vomitting and now they've cut out dairy and she's stopped throwing up. Maybe that's worth a try?
  • I'd give the doctors a try too. When I saw the topic I did think 'some babies are just sicky', mine is (just little bits between feeds), but she's only 11 weeks old - my HV says it's nothing to worry about if she's not distressed by it and she's putting on weight, then she said it might last til she's 6-7 months as the muscles she needs to control it won't be strengthened til she starts sitting and moving about. As you lo is already older than this, and it sounds like it's not something she's always done, I think I might get it checked out.
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