restitching an episotomy? TMI

I was just wondering has anyone had this done? My lo is now 5 months and I am still having trouble with my episotomy wound. TMI ALERT!! I had a lot of problems with infections after the birth and it was fine for a couple of weeks but I noticed it stinging again this week so I had a look and there is a flap that is detached from the main part of skin (almost like an extra piece eww sorry) it is really red raw, I am going for a smear test on Friday and I know that they are going to tell me that something needs fixed and I just wondered has anybody any experience of this or similar?


  • Hi Rosapenny,

    Just seen your post. I had the exact same situation. Infections, pain, stitches coming apart, I had a hole where the stitches had come apart and a flap about the size of a 5p!

    I went to GP who initially thought it was a skin tag and wanted to try and remove it with tweezers! (I told him under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was he to attempt that, it was so painful if anything touched it, I could only pee squatting as weeing over the flap used to make me scream in pain! I couldn't use tampons and the thought of sex made me go green LOL.

    Anyways the GP referred me to gynae at hospital who told me I would need a Fenton's Procedure to "re-fashion" my stitches. He also explained the flap was a piece of fatty tissue which should have been tucked in when original stitches were put in, My stitches had also overhealed and were blocking the entrance to my minky a bit. (TMI sorry!!!)

    Anyways, I had my Fenton's in Jan when LO was 7 months old and I am now back to normal!! I can now have sex, use tampons, sit comfortably and wee normally!! Haha!

    If you Google Fenton's Procedure this may give you some more info, it's more common than you might think actually.

    Good luck xx
  • oh thank you so much!!! I have been so worried I was petrified at the thought of it but I just googled it and it came up with some great answers which sound so much better than what I am going through at the moment!!! I am so glad that it has worked for you as well and yours sounds exactly the same that I have experienced.
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