Can babies get vaginal thrush (sorry if TMI!)

Hi guys,

My LO is 9 mths and has a yellowy creamy substance on her lady bits ! Is this just a 'natural' discharge or could this be thrush ?? She doesn;t seem that bothered about it but does sometimes scratch her nappy but normally when she wants it changing if you know what I mean.

I will take her to docs but didn't want to sound stupid if it is something all babies have ???

Thanks guys.


  • My dd is only 8 weeks so not experienced this but as far as I'm aware they can get thrush - best to check with dr to make sure your little
    Lady is nice and comfy
  • I'm afraid the poor babies can as my LO does at the moment image
    She didn't have any discharge, just a bad looking nappy rash that didn't go with Metanium like usual and it was in her leg crease rather than on her bum if you know what I mean? I was taking her to clinic for weighing anyway and showed the HV who prescribed some cream. Been using it a week tomorrow though and it's still not better. Despite lots of nappy free time (which isn't fun when she's pooing as much as she is at the moment and I'm going through towels like there's no tomorrow!). So think I may go back to clinic to check as I'm sure it should be improving after a week?!
    Anyway went on a bit about my own LO then. But to answer your question, yes babies can get thrush and I'd get her seen if I were you.
  • Yes, and baby boys can get it on their bits as well, as my nephew had it. I'm paranoid about DD getting it as both me and my Mum suffer badly from it, with me first getting it aged 11 image Hoping it skips a generation with DD!! x
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